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  1. Super great job Jon, I need a first mate like that sometimes.
  2. I will have to take you up on that when things slow down. If they do.LOL seems like patterns are changing and the slow movers in spoons are now starting to be the hot movers. Did dave give you your goodies?
  3. Nice ben it was my bothers boat and he just didn't have the set up that we (you and Dave) do things ,But in all after getting past the flies and the extra hot sun we had a good time.
  4. My brothers and I got a late start this am, And had a hard morning today . we only ended up with 3/3 Two steel and nice king. All fish can on a south troll. 97-126 fow 2.6 sog what worked BLL hog wild 5 color 2 steel heads BLL patroit rigger down 55 (13 lb king) we only could get three bite but put them all in the box. luremaker
  5. Way to go ben on putting the hooks in them , we will be out in the am for a short trip and try our luck I will give you and dave a yell
  6. Ya ben but Dave hasn't gave you the new spoon he hooked on yet, has he. LOL
  7. To answer your question YES I have never seen numbers like this and the size of the fish being taken is unreal ,and little to no slow down for june .
  8. Bob I heard saturday that they were doing pretty good In GH 105-130 s troll ,the person I spoke to went 10/15 blues and greens with glo was hot . Hope that helps
  9. Thanks Mike for putting this all together . Can't wait to see some monsters ,Good luck everyone. Luremaker
  10. Great job and nice getting the wife out to enjoy it with you.
  11. I agree with chris my brother lost a motor to the oil pressure from trolling in his searay, the motors are not designed for trolling at that kind of oil pressure.
  12. Robert Not sure what the issue is but, I'm guessing that you have injectors and not a carb ,Is there no speed shops that can do anything for you?? Or a troll plate??
  13. Dave Call me tonight luremaker
  14. Try drummum marine they may have one in the back room advantage marine in zeeland Dave may have one he has a few boats that he is always stripping.
  15. I would have to agree with what Jimmy has said , I to am a tackle manufacture as a lot of you know and he is right by saying the cost to donate to a large tourney is quite high for us. I have given grab bag for a lot of years ,and have stopped by to watch them give it away. I also agree on the captain comment that I try not to give a lot to them because there is no reason to give to someone that has a sponsor and can not give a true feed back . For me it all about the feed back that comes with giving things out. This is why I enjoy handing it out to the guy that can get out and fish once or twice a week and put the item down and give it a true test. Not that I don't give things out to the guys that fish everyday. I believe that the committee that runs this do a great job along with fred from the 333 could things be better (like my boss has told me you will never get a 10 because there is always room to improve on a good thing) Are they running a great show my answer is yes . I would also have to agree on the 5 fish limit , I also bass fish and it is the best of 5 fish that make you work for the big ones. That's my 2 cents luremaker
  16. Dave Do we need to put a string on it like your mom use to do with your mittens.
  17. powder horn or mac baits carry them
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