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  1. Good job Todd! I have heard of a "Big Meanie" salmon from another post, maybe he got ya!
  2. Great Job Ryan! Looks like the new boat is going to work great! I really appreciate your pics of the spoons. I am going to start the same thing.
  3. Great job, I agree with Nailer, 4 is still good. I always assume the misses were just little shakers anyways!!
  4. Great Job! Hope to head out tonight out of South Haven.
  5. Good job guys, keep us posted on your last couple of days down here.
  6. Great job Steve! Your the first I've heard with spin doctor luck this year. Its time to start putting them down.
  7. Great job!! You are doing great this year! Sounds like you need to quite the day job and do it for a living, i dont think you will starve.
  8. Nice job! I cant wait to get home and get back out there. Looks like your trend is continuing from last fall.
  9. Glad to hear you are doing good! By the time you get that all done it will be July! Hope you get better soon, when you do give me a shout, we will go chase some silver fish.
  10. My wife and I hit the water at 2:30, trolled down to the power plant and back. Stayed in 45-50 FOW. 3/3, two 8lb lakers, and one 12lb king. White paddle and green fly for one laker 45' down. Second laker was a mixed veggie on 100' 32# copper. King was a glow back blue dolphin(Thanks Terry) on #3 dipsy out 60'. We havent quit figured out more numbers but always come home with something, so that is good too. Plan to go this afternoon, if yourout give me a shout on 68. "snag hag"
  11. Hi Guys, I wanted to pass along a great place I found today. I live in Kalamazoo and drag my 21' Fiberglass cuddy back and forth to South Haven. Wear and tear plus the cost of gas I wanted to park it over there for the season and save big time bucks. I found a great place right off M-43 north of the roundabout (1 mile from Blue Star Highway). The place is called Maple Grove Marine Storage. The owners name is Mark and he is a very nice down to earth guy. He has several large buildings for winter storage, but in the summer time offers them up at a really Great!!! rate. It will only take me 9 trips over and I will have made up the gas let alone wear and tear. You get your own stall with your own door, although you are able to walk through the whole barn once inside, but its better then most I have seen. Mark does many marine services also, so a plus for the weekend warrior with little time. I just dropped my boat off tonight and its sitting inside, out of all the elements. I can unlock and pick up any time. Very secure and close to M-43 and Blue Star Highway. If interested give Mark a shout and let him know Shawn Pollack sent ya. (Told him I would do a post tonight) WEBSITE: http://www.southhavenmarinestorage.com/
  12. Welcome to the site from the far south! Can ya send us some sun and warm weather?
  13. I added a bunch of coppers this year. 2 of each 100, 150, 200, 250, 300. I will be adding a 400 and 450 later this year. No wire dipsey just braids.
  14. Mike, I never recieved anything....... Not sure what happened.
  15. Great Job! It sure does feel good to be on the water agian.
  16. Hi guys, Last year I tied all my cranks and body baits directly to my line, I learned at a young age to always tie, but that was for bass fishing. I just didn't know if I should be doing this for the early coho or not worry about. Do you tie or just use smaller swivels then you would for the summer season?
  17. Lol!!! Thanks Jarod, I never thought of that. I am glad to hear to are out and doing good this year, this weekend is my shake down, then to the Joe.
  18. Hi guys, I have a 2008 Nissan kicker that I used on my last boat but don't know if it will work on the new boat. It has a 15" shaft, and now I have a 21' trophy that sits much higher then the old boat. What size shaft do you use and what bracket?
  19. Sounds great to me, weekend wise still have to check, but like the concept. Keep us posted I am sure I could make it.
  20. I am sure it's out there, but I just have not seen it. " Wet Dream" in the dirty yet clean sense. Always seems like a good name to me. But I am sure many would think otherwise.
  21. Well, looks like I was a good boy this year, on top of my auto pilot I also did the electric downriggers. I bought a pair of big Jon pro tournaments, I think they will work great. Next year will be a speed and temp probe. Thanks everyone for your help and advice.
  22. We picked up a bunch of new stuff and can't wait to try it out. I think my most concerning purchase was my wife wanted here own tackle box with her own stuff so that she will catch more fish on her side of the boat......I think I am in trouble. Autopilot-Simrad AP14R 2 big Jon pro tournament's (stronger version then captin pack) 4- Okuma 30's 6- Okuma 45's 2000 feet of bloody 32# copper 5 JP slammer spoons We are for the D&R show and the Grand rapids show to finish up some foe remaining stuff.
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