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  1. I had a call lastnight that Doc. Mereckel is in St. Marys in ICU. They tryed to unhook the vent. and they hooled it back up in less then 2 min. the are going to do some surgery today monday on his legg, and his left lung is bad cause of the broken ribbs, All I know at this time
  2. I was just informed this afternoon that are MSSFA president, Dr. Kenneth Mereckel. one of are own from the Thumb Chapter Steelheaders was in a very bad automobile crash yesterday, dont know all the details, but they have put him in comma, his left legg was shattered very baddly, so bad that it cut the felmoral arerty speeled wrong sorry, they gave him 5 pints of blood so far won't know on any surgery till Mon. his wife was banged up but is OK the driver that hit them lost control on snow covered road, so give him a prayer Ok, he is a fighter I try to keep every one up to date Thanks
  3. Going to take a drive today and see whats going around the bay:thumb: I heard a couple reports of ice at vanderbuilt park, sun set, and Thomas, but I'am leaving the gear home so I don't wet I did get the ice auger down and to my suprise it started on the 4th pull after 2yrs thats a good sign, I will let ya'all know what I find. PS all ya GLF fisherman have a safe New Year:party:
  4. Yes, Merry Christmas here from the east side of are GREAT state also, and a Happy and Safe NEW YEAR with great catches of fish:thumb:
  5. Way to go Jim and Daughter congrats, another one the is out of the way so it don't end up in the front of my pickup
  6. Good Job Bill:thumb: you made the best outa bad wheather maybe we can get something going over here yet:grin:
  7. Nice finish Tom:thumb: I'am excited to get bow hunting too, but if mother nature is nice I think I'am going to get a run out to the reef PA side for trout on the other lake, Huron I mean:lol: their is some hogs out there I hope:D Good luck W/ the deer Hunting.
  8. Yep, I did screw that up:o so the guys will get a good laugh on me with that one:lol: but you did the Jan,/ Feb, 2012 deadliest walleys Back page:D, but none the less Welcome Dave.
  9. I would say Welcome Dave:thumb: I have been a GLA reader for many years also, and I must say I don't read a book backwards but I always went to the back page to read your story, always a honest aproach to life and realitiy:cool: Thanks again Dave, I will be watching your blogg here:thumb:..
  10. Very nice Ken Did you guys go down to the Stick and try off pine Inland, or just fish North on the sister's?
  11. Nice job Ken , way to get some action I had heard to bit was out a little deeper with the South winds that took the temp break down, Thanks for the report;)
  12. Here is pic from this weekend at Ludington the young lady in the pic was with her dad and I, she is a good rod handler for 14 yr's old as she reeled at least 75% of the fish in:thumb:
  13. Also 55 to 68 down was the temp break in was 58 to 54 degree's their.
  14. 110fow out to 178' NE to SW troll 2.3 to 2.7 speed at the ball and 2.6 to 3.1 SOG had to play the curent mainly in front of the bath house and south.
  15. Took a freind and his daughter We boated 22 Kings put a few back to grow a little:thumb: kept 19, Meat rigs, Flashers and flys, and meat plugs was the ticket for the most part. Lotsa boats up by the point and the bath house, just tryed to stay outside of them. I will post pic's tomorrow night, got to get some sleep By By
  16. Leaving this afternoon for Ludington I'am sure it will be combat fishing if I stay up by the bath house:rolleyes: but we'll give it are best shot as long as mother nature is nice:thumb: anything under 4's will be a welcome site:cool: May see some of ya out there boat Name Kingchaser:grin:
  17. My prayers go out to the family's for their lost of loved ones.
  18. I don't know they are nice units, but I have a lorance 5200 chartploter and you can ajust the contrast so you can see it in the sun light I use my 5200 on the snowmobile in the winter when we are ice fishing for eyes on the sag. bay, is them units color or Black an white? the color is a lot easyier to see I think. Good luck with your choice:thumb:
  19. I'll try to remember how to do this, here we go:rolleyes Just a couple of the pic's and yes I have to take a wiz in the one pic. also I had a good vid. the one night but it got out-a have with the cusing that was involved with trying to get the fish in the net, it was raining and wind was blowing pretty good but it was nice fish went out 350' ft on wire dippsey and didn't want NO part of the boat it was funny tho.:lol:
  20. Yep you know it:grin: I wish I could go right back over there they will be in the huddle puddle down south end of the dunn's and up between the sisters and the project. PS if anyone go's out to the 50 line in a 120fow becarefull there is a net right there that has been taking some Eq. I guess it's not marked right something, 2 of my buddys losed cannon balls and some dippseys down there:eek:
  21. Went 27 for 35 down in front of little sable point, Love to fish down there just 9 1/2 mi run to get there:thumb: what worked. plugs white /w black ladder back 200 an 300 copper White SD w/ moonshine atomic fly Dippsey's Moonshine green shorts and blue flounder green flounder, yellow sub. Not hot but came home with some nice fish:thumb: pic. later:D
  22. Ya I couldn't beleive it myself and it happened kinda in a hury on thurs. was a the stick of little sable boated the last fish at 3 had 57 deg.at 68 down in 178fow, went back at 6 and had 51 deg. at 68 same water:eek: NO fish gone put the nose on the light house 90fow the fish was stacked up and the bait also ended 7 for 13 in a 1 1/2 hr. and it got rough:(
  23. Thanks Ed:thumb: whats up with the Net down by the 3 sisters south of ya? I know of 2 different guys now that have got in to them one on friday and one this morning and both lost cannon balls they said the numbers are off on the location, do you know anything of this? I'am going to be at Pentwater tomorrow and may fish North if the fish are not to south on sand hills. I may come up to Ludington to spend some money and stop in and see ya.
  24. Thats funny:lol: I will be in Penwater Tue's around 1:00 to get set in the slip for the rest of the week. so you might have to wait on the D-nuts a bit.
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