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  1. Nice find, I can hear the rumble now! twin 454's leaving port, good job TJ.
  2. Well I don't know yet, like to see some reports coming from over there. Here's a pic. of the bird
  3. They was all hen up, but friday morn. this guy picked the wrong hen, 22lbs. 10in beard, 1-1/4 spurs can remember how to get the picture on here, but I will get it
  4. Welcome Dan, you'll like it here, good guys.
  5. Looks like a sweet ride for it's age Bob, Lets see more Pic's of the inside looks like a nice combat floor in the back.
  6. Spend all my money, Thanks guys most likely all I'am going to spend on the boat this year, Gota save some for BEER ya know, maybe a couple new rods too, HINT HINT Tony!
  7. I will do Tony, thanks

  8. Here we go I think they have been talked about before, but I'am thinking about buying a fishhawk 4x, what I'am woundering is the 4xD worth about $150 more when you have depth on riggers anyway? the reason I'am thinking buying one is I run a sub-troll 900 and it works ok but the blow back at deeper depth's and be careful with the cable thing, the screen is a lot nicer on the fishhawk ..
  9. Matt, I like the Grundens as well for the money, but my rain coat that I have is a cheapey and it shows. P.S. don't unzipp your rain coat facing the wave's I did a couple years ago in a turnament cause I was hot, the waves was 3-5ft and I was setting a dipsey when a good one hit us from the side and the water went up so hard it took my hat off:eek: and when it came down well my coat unzipped part way was like a funnel and in she went was cold in may
  10. Purdy nice eat-en there ED. G.J.
  11. I hear ya I had 1 trip in a year a go yesterday, I look outside and shake my head:eek:, they go out to the shed and look at the boat and cry:no:.
  12. You got to be kidding Me, keep them comming in the boat Buddy, Fish-on:thumb:
  13. Going to do 1 more trip to the North Country next weekend with the snowmobile, maybe the ice will be out and can get fishing soon:thumb:
  14. Same here, run them nothing:confused: must not be doing something right:rolleyes: put a thin fin on and wham don't know what to tell ya, I've ran strips and tuna so I guess I need to learn how to make the productive or get rid of them:( they make it look eazy in the vid.
  15. Steve and Steve... fyi I talked to a charter captain the runs out of G.S and he said its bad:eek: like walk acrossed the channel bad he don't think anyone will get out other then flat bottom or kiakers, kinda looks like P.A or Maybe H.B. if they clean them out. I used to alway go by the Dandylines when they flowered the kings was in Grindstone, but that was when we had lotsa KINGS to
  16. Just what Erik said, that works great on the west side Lk. michigan, I fish lake huron and your in shallow water in the spring like 5 to 15f.o.w so I run the stick baits put them out 50 to 75 ft snap a board and send them out, look for the stained water around creek mouths in and out troll works best or on the edge of the collor line, the thin fins are a killer for me black and gold and orange and black and the rapalas, my speed is always 2.8 to 3.5 give them what they want. Good luck Buddy
  17. Very Nice bag of fish Ed. OLD saying early bird gets the worm:lol:
  18. Yep Bill a nice hibernation nap:lol: was thinking of ya the other day was going to give ya a call then fell back asleep;) anyway deadduck woke me up friday text me asking me if I was fishing this spring in any turnaments, don't know have to see where I can the boat. Hows your new boat comming?
  19. Went out to the shed today and open the south door and opened the boat up, put the batteries in the boat and turned the main on went up front and turned the radio on and it worked:thumb: and got all my spring run bait down from the loft and put them in the boat, the put my new Big Jon triples on each side bought them last fall on sale they look nice, more to do but I'am getting started.
  20. Doc. Is a wee bit better still a long long road, they took him off the vent. yesterday so he's breathing on his on now:thumb: but he has some other things that are keeping him in ICU yet.
  21. I hate to say it but I'll keep my feeeeeet on the shore at this time a little too cold for the plung thing, only have 1 day off a week till first of April, so I'll stay with the boat thing this year. Oh and I do go out of Thomas most all the time in the past.
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