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  1. Welcome RJ, How far is it acrossed the big pond is it from Ludington?
  2. Fish-on I yell, get out of the way not to be a rod hog or anything, but get there,getter done, I don't even take the rod out of the rod holder till I have the weight on the rod, just like you would fish coho, then I hand it off, I don't lose to many fish if there good.
  3. WOW, them are BIG KINGs, and would not want to pxxx off his wife she holding on that big-ol-king and still smiling, WOW.
  4. Eric, it may be to late you may all ready left, but at Charlies you can stay on the boat was $35.00 a night, last I new also that get's you the fish cleaning area and the showers and bathroom on the west end of condos, there is no camping there, good luck. Charlies Mairna #213-869-5000
  5. Like JWHEELER says, Pentwater just down the road, go south to the stick and work in an out till sun gets up then work North, I always do great down there, also north end off the dunn's infront of the condo 60-140f.o.w Dippsey's w/fly's and full core w/ A-HI Killers, Good luck.
  6. Great job, well done, don't you hate it when you find directional fish to late.
  7. I agree with SUPERTRAMP, Also I would run a snubber beteen your dipsey and leader if your running wire or braid becuse you have NO line streach, keep in mind do not go more then your rod length you may have trough time getting fish in net, Also I have very good luck with #4 green splater J-plug on full core lead.
  8. Adam, Is it ok, or how do I change My log in information? I used My real name instead of my boat name which is "KingChaser," not that it's bad or anything but looking at all the post everyone seems to use a boat name or something, thank you
  9. David; Topdog I heard that from Al Z. Good job there is always fish at the Little Light, log run down there on rough water, I will be over to Penwater labor day weekend, maybe see-ya this weekend. P.S. tell your dad hi.
  10. Had a friend bring his 12yr. old daughter up sunday morning 6am. went 30-40FOW walleye came good first Hr. up at whisky Harbor then shut off, then went out to 110' FOW. up buy the Can, boated some nice trout one 13lbs the rest was 4-8lbs. brushed dogger w/glow green, and bum-bo-bee, spin-n-glow 5' off bottom, 10' off the ball, speed around the 1.8 gps, also full core lead w/ crome green #4 J-plug went, there is a temp break setting about 70' down over 100 FOW alot fish in the top 25' don't Know what they are, also some good numbers of Walleye being caught in the 30 FOW range crawler & plastic.
  11. Sure would love to can't get the crew together, to much going on, to late now maybe next year.
  12. Thanks goes to you guys that welcomed me, and I'll have to try an keep up with this Web site, if I fished like I run this laptop, I would have to sell my boat. L.O.L.
  13. Hi I"am new here to this web site, it looks to be a great site, I be from the thumb area of Michigan, I fish the Bay, to Harbor Beach, I been fishing on the big pond from 1985 to present, Also I"am a chapter member and board member of the thumb area steelheaders, I try to fish lake Michigan a couple times a year @ pentwater, from ludington to little point, I believe in tight lines, sharp hooks, and take a KID fishing the moment will last a lifetime. Thanks:thumb:
  14. I fish in lake Huron off the tip of the Thumb alot, this may be helpfull to some of you, when I run a dogger and spin-glow or spoon combo, for trout and salmon I cut the welded ring and replace with heavy split ring, and switch ends of dogger this will let you run in the low to mid 2's GPS speed without spinning out your dogger, works great in mix spead.
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