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  1. How did you do on the whities? I have a friend on Drummond Island says they are killing them over there.
  2. It's on fire right now Scott ! Took my 9 yr old with me today and wore his arms out , he couldn't even hold the rod up anymore. The phone call to his mom on the ride home was priceless !
  3. Launched out of Eagle bay today , we set the bar high at 20" min for the cooler. Dropped lines at 9 and were done at 2 with a 3 man limit. Caught lots of fish under 20" but stuck to our guns and had another nice cooler. Fished the last hour playing catch and release . Lot of talk from the guys fishing north being slow but pretty much everyone south was in the fish. Bugs were horrible early on but seemed to get better. 24 FOW 2 oz bb 45 ft back 1.4 mph , copper was the color for us anything chrome was catching trash fish. How did you finish up Al?
  4. Haven't seen you around much Scott ,you ben out? Not many short bites yesterday Frank , they were being very aggressive . We probably released between 30-40 fish and had a really nice lookin cooler. A guy taught me a really nice pre-soaking trick a couple years ago , he likes to fish out of Au Gres on a boat called priority one. LOL Gotta love dat bay.
  5. Lesson learned here Frank. I thought we were good with 6 doz , to be honest we probably could of used another 6. Probably a good thing though , I sweat so much out there today that my sun screen must have washed off , I am fried !
  6. Beat em to death today! Never thrown back so many legal fish in my life. Ran out of bait but got "Knot at work" ie Al to give me a dozen , that lasted 20 minutes and we decided we had enough . At one point had 4 on at once. Inner bay 23fow 2 oz bb at 1.3 mph. When we left Al had his hands full also. Mark
  7. I would fish with you anytime Frank unfortunately work has me slammed right now and my only fishing time is on the weekend. If things change I would jump at any chance !
  8. Stay on em Frank. I will be out on Friday.
  9. No . 99% sure it got cut up for scrap. I'll fill you in next time I see you at the ramp. Bought a 23 ft raven hard top , pics are in my gallery. We call her Return Eleven.I'll give you a shout next time were out I 'm on 68 most of the time. mark
  10. Glad to hear your back at it ! Not the same without you.
  11. Glad to hear it went well ! See ya out there soon.
  12. Hopefully things are hot a Hoyles. We picked up one just after you went in to eat. Called it quits at dark. Talked to a couple of boats at the dock that had the same luck. Good luck. Mark
  13. Welcome Kevin, played with the radio all day to find out I have a bum antenna. Ordered a new one but won't be here til monday, I pm'ed you my cell # . If you go tomorrow give me a shout, I will be pulling harness,s and it would be interesting to see if they do as well as cranks. With no radio I will be staying between the points 22- 28 fow, the boat is new to me and don't want to get out too far without a radio. Blue spectrum , yellow boards. Mark
  14. Headed out tomorrow 4-29 . Anyone else going?
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