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  1. Hey Guys, We've sent a large portion of our video in to get edited. Here is a very very small piece. Hoping for some thought and opinions on what could make it better! Thanks a ton! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byZa73i0rXo Only about 4mins long.
  2. Unfortunately, north of holland has not been holding as many large kings since prior to the waypoint. But keep plugging away, there's a push of big ones coming
  3. What an exciting week its been. All members of Bending Limits were able to get together and fish over the weekend. Tony even brought his father and brother all the way from Bay City! We were lucky enough to fish twice per day every day from Friday, and ending Wednesday am. There wasn't much change in the fish, but sizes did vary. We are fishing in 70-90FOW early in the morning and after sunset. Low divers back 70feet and braided high divers back 100 both with Big weenie meat rigs and 10in spin doctors really put a beating on fish. 250-300-350ft Blood run coppers with Big weenie Meat Rigs and 10in spin doctors were also VERY good early. Our outdowns were at 45-60ft with Moonshines. Free sliders also took several fish in the am. As the day progesses we have been able to still catch fish in 110-130fow. Low divers back 115 and wire high divers back 165. 300-350-400-450 coppers are also really good. We were running big weenie meat rigs, and 10in spin doctors on all of those rods. Our outdowns were still really good for coho at 60-70ft with a number of magnum sized spoons.(i can't remember what baits exactly!!!) Tuesday night we did some trout fishing, and found that they are EXTREMELY willing to bite. We were lucky enough to put 7 trout in the boat, while losing 5 more in about an hour and a half. Just north of Saugy is where it's at. These were taken on chrome 00 dodgers, and white 00 dodgers with white spin n glos. The 10in spin drs that worked for us were, Hammer time, White Crushed, Showtime, UV/UV. Paird with, No fish nick, Blue Moo Moo, Moo Moo, Purple haze meat rigs. Also would like to send out a congrats to Fly catcher on winning the Goldcoast tournament over the weekend! Nice job guys! We were lucky enough to finish in 6th, but with a MUCH smaller box than Brian! The team Second largest box of the year! Taken Monday am. 6fish from 21-23 and one at 19! Goldcoast tournament box. Tony's pig(he's struggling because he's sea sick!!!)
  4. Thanks buddy! I'll see ya down at the tent I'm sure
  5. Most common length among everyday fisherman is around 5ft behind the 11in paddle.
  6. Great fishing continues south of Holland in 75-95fow. Catches range from 8-17 fish per trip. Pounding bottom for trout continues to provide constant action. Mixed in with those trout are coho, steelhead, and the occasional king. Short coppers tipped with magnum silvstreak mixed veggies, Carmel dolphin and blue froggie are taking fish on a daily basis. More kings have started to show up as water warms rapidly. Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!
  7. We're fishing several tournaments on The Black Pearl....Mark's boat(CasseyII on GLF). That's keeping me pretttty busy for the remainder of the season.
  8. Lol. For the price thats on it I sure would. Hahaha. I'm sure that won't be up there long.
  9. That is the best way to do it! Definately dont want them to release. The tx-44 is a fantastic board for large spreads and deep coppers! They'll pull up to 1000' and still run farther forawd than an offshore!!
  10. Thanks Matt, Fishing around here is pretty good. Those targeting trout specifically are really getting into them. 20+ per day.
  11. Team Bending Limits had the opportunity to hop aboard the "Chum Bucket" with Steve and his daughter Ayvery out of the port of Rockport which is located just north of Alpena on Lake Huron. Fishing started off slow, but quickly picked up around 930am. We were lucky enough to boat 9 fish by noon. 2 steelhead, 5 Lake trout, a Pink salmon, and this beautiful king! Fishing seemed to be best just north of the Nordmeer wreck in 60-70 feet of water. 300ft of Blood Run copper and a Silver Streak Metallic blue Froggie took several fish as did a Blood Run wire diver with an Orange Piranha. What a great day of fishing on Lake Huron!
  12. Thanks a ton Josh. Actually, still haven't figured out that dam hatch yet. That's all I've got left to fix.
  13. It's been a dream of mine to own a Tiara for a VERY long time now. After nearly 3 full years of shopping, the stress, the time, and the effort to find "The perfect boat" for me has finally paid off. She is a 1997 Tiara 2900 Open. Powered by twin 454 fuel injected Crusaders. I brought her all the way up from Vero Beach, Fl. I was lucky enough to find a boat that has been very well cared for, and treated the way a Tiara should be. I do have some minor electrical work to be done, which of course is expected when dealing with a saltwater boat. She may not be ready to fish this year, but by Spring of 2014 she will be fully rigged and ready to go! Thanks to so many of you around Holland that have given me a hand with everything so far.
  14. Hey Mike, I'm not sure which port you fish out of, but down here an 8" pro troll is absolutely deadly on 300 coppers during mid summer months. Grab a white one or two for the 300. Spoons on the 300 is also a go to during the summer months. Baits like the silverstreak Metallic Blue Frog is a great choice right now! UV paddles have also been stellar all year on deep water presentations(fishing 100+down). The Oceana is a great fly for those UV/UV paddles.
  15. Great post Mark! Toss some 50# braid on that buzz lightyear rod, and 5ft of fluro leader! We have a 3ft Cars rod that lights up when you reel that we stick on an outdown every so often! It's a blast!!!
  16. Nice job Frank! We were in the black Lund that waved to you as you were going in and we were going out. The number of fish out there are astounding.
  17. Fantastic job Jimmy! Good luck whacking a few gills in Ludington!
  18. The whole point of fishing copper is not depth specific, but rather column specific. Ie: on an average summer morning your going to be running shorter coppers, targeting out of temperature kings actively feeding. As the day progresses your going to lengthen your copper set ups for those fish who are now beginning to bottom down, or those that are now neutral mood fish. Don't scrap what works for you! If you like the user friendly 32#, use that. If you prefer the 45# use that! What we've done tho, is cut out 45# at our 400cu and are now running 60# as our400- 500-600 coppers. Think deeeeeep!
  19. We did the same testing on 45# copper last year with a fishhawk tdr(out to 1000ft). The numbers are almost the exact same as the numbers Gregg has with the smarttroll probe. I completely agree with the numbers. We did our testing with Morgan's copper. Current plays a HUGE roll in how copper travels through the water. For instance, while prefishing for the south haven tournament we got on to a good group of fish directly out in front of Saugatuk. While fishing 68-70 feet we were on a daily basis running a 400foot copper. Only once did it touch bottom, which was on an extremely hard turn to get back on fish. Last year for instance we were fishing nearly the same spot in august. Much to our surprise in that same 68-70FoW we were pulling zebras off of a 250 copper over and over and over again. I think what makes copper so effective if the fact it DOES move so much in the water column. There is a simple way to get the numbers for your self. Grab a $130 Fish hawk TDR and drop it down the line. It is a much cheaper unit, and i believe it is just as accurate. It may not be accurate to the inch, but it gives you an idea of where it runs.
  20. Lol! I'll post something soon. I need this course computer tho!!
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