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  1. I'm at the same place I was last year... Very close to the gas dock at Eldean's. LOVE IT!
  2. Couldn't resist the beautiful weather! Worked for 12 hours Friday getting the boat ready to splash on Saturday morning on short notice. After splashing and taking the boat for a spin in Lake Mac. We left the slip around 2-230pm and ran just a couple miles south of Holland. The two of us ended up with 3 Lake Trout, 2 Browns, 1 Steelhead, and 1 King and losing a couple other fish. Trolled in 5-15fow. A mix of DW WD series spoons and Silver Streak Mini's did the damage. Golds and oranges were best. 1 color, 2 color and divers all fired multiple times. Pulled lines at around 445-5pm. Big shoutout to Buster and Dan for all their help! Didnt take pics of fish :X
  3. Yea... don't do that. They're a great product. Fantastic for women and children.
  4. Nice job Larry! Very jealous of the open water down there!
  5. Yea... It reallllllly sucks. I suggest dust mask and gloves, long sleeves and pants.
  6. You'll want to sand it still. The purpose of sanding is to help with adhesion. Goodluck!!
  7. Terry, Sand it all down as smooth as possible. Then take mineral spirits and wipe it completely clean. Next slap on a coat of ablative. Sea Hawk makes a relatively inexpensive ablative bottom paint that will stick to pretty much ALL other ablative bottom paints. Dave at Advantage carries it. It's a big job.
  8. I had one installed last year. Other than an electrical issue from where the course computer was installed, the EVO 200 is awesome. Handles beautifully in large waves. Easy to adjust settings. Great unit!
  9. Sue is a great resource for anyone looking at obtaining a captain's license!
  10. I have fished the Starweld 2000 a ton. It's an awesome boat. Handles beautifully, it's fast, and a downright walleye killing machine. They come with either an evinrude or a Mercury. I'm somewhat partial to the mercury. You get a lot of boat in the Starweld. They're typically less expensive than a Lund as well. Au Gres Marine will have a ton of info on them.
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