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  1. I'm looking for an Autohelm Type 100 Course computer for a ray marine autopilot. These course computers are somewhat outdated, but i still need one! Toss me a PM if you have one, or know someone who may!
  2. Today we were lucky enough to participate in the Saugatuk Fishing in the Classroom outing. We had a couple of young gentlemen aboard who really enjoyed the outdoors. Cabelas was a sponsor for the event and every kid got to take home a rod and reel!!! Our kids got into 5 kings this morning. Fishing was definately not fast and furious as it was the night before, but i think they had a blast. Fish were in the 100foot range. Out downs set around 40 with orange crush and green huckleberry silverstreaks took bites, as did Blood Run 225 and 250 coppers with pink panties and chartreuse nbk silverstreaks. This is a great thing that they're doing in Saugatuk and we're proud to be apart of it. I'd like to send a thank you to the Saugatuk Charter boats, as well as Tower Marine, Cabelas, and Ducks Unlimited!
  3. I have a new boat coming in about a week ans a half. I'm pretty sure I'll slip it at yacht basin. Thanks everyone.
  4. Fishing right now is good. Fish are really on the move from day to day. There are two groups of fish. There is a group moving around from 80-105fow. These fish are following massive amounts of bait north every day and are very hard to follow. The second group of fish are being had in the 130-160fow range, which are following massive amounts of bait and moving water. Both groups have the potential to produce GIANT kings!!! Blood Run coppers are absolutely on fire in the 300, 350, 400 and 450 range. Silverstreak spoons are the ticket on coppers. Lemon Ice, Green Dolphin, and most importantly Blue frog! If your fishing in the deeper water make sure your divers have paddles back 200-230. Riggers down 80-130 with the Big Weenie Rubber Poofster Combo has been dynamite. If your fishing the group of fish closer to shore, try a Big Weenie Stinky Stinky Meat Rig! Average catch has been between 10-20, with a nasty 6 thrown in on Sunday. We'd like to thank the South Haven Steelheaders for putting on such a great tournament! We'll be back next year, and hope for a better finish than 9th in the Pro division.
  5. Whoops! My mistake! Didn't correctly see the bottom spoon! Sorry! Great job!
  6. Nice job Terry!! Kings are loving that new silver streak UV lemonberry!!
  7. 23,000 steelhead planted today in Alpena 7-10inches. 20,000 atlantics to go in tomorrow. Oscoda soon to follow.
  8. Kenny at Canvas Innovations is the man! You can give him a call at 616-393-4400 or go and see them at 11276 E. Lakewood Blvd. Holland, Mi.
  9. The green rv flounder was phenominal rigger bait as well as a 150 copper bait.
  10. +1 on Don of Tangled Mess Charters. He's a great guy to fish with and has been doing it a long time! Just like Mark said, everyone does things a little differently. The riding section is a great tool to meet new fishing buddies and learn a lot of new stuff on the water!
  11. Spring fishing can be one of the most enjoyable, or one of the LEAST enjoyable trips of the year, and it really has to do with what you want to chase. There will absolutely 100% for sure be a FEW fish out in front of the pier heads and on the beaches in the spring. Browns, steelhead, and the occasional king. If your after those spring kings that seem to be drinking rocket fuel, well the majority of those fish are schooled up in really tight pockets (in normal years) as they move from their winter resting grounds(150-200fow) to warming, shallower, bait-filled water. Ken said it 100% correctly. Spring is known for a spoon bite, but those kings below that 100' mark are "neutral" mood fish and thats what paddles are for! I'm also going to hop on that St. Joe bus for spring time fishing. It truly is incredible when you catch it right. 2012 St. Joe look back
  12. The most common copper setup is the 300 copper. It fishes in that 45-60ft range depending on speed. It also is the same length as a 10 color, but much better for fighting fish. We also like short coppers, say a 150. Personally, i believe the more copper on the boat, the more fish your going to finish with at the end of that day. The stuff is fantastic for mid day when fishing really slows down.Bloodrun sells spools in bulk for a very good price, that allows you to tie up multiple set ups from one spool.
  13. Hmmm. That sure does look familiar. It's called a gitzit. Little Lake Huron special Jimmy picked up from a friend.
  14. Wire divers are by far our go to rods. We run 4 of them 99.9% of the time. There's nothing better than watching the wire get hammered time after time. Bloodrun makes a 7 strand wire that is just unbeatable. We went with the 9 and 10ft rods to get them away from the boat,and have proper tip separation. we matched those with Tekota 700lcs because of the upgrade in the drag system over the 600lcs. The 600lcs dont provide enough drag when pulling mag divers back over 200 feet with paddles. They also tend to slip a lot when fighting fish.
  15. This year has been a fantastic season. Unfortunately the weather wasnt as cold as we would of hoped, but diver season was still pretty good. Large numbers of old Squaw were all over the NE part of Michigan. This year was our first full year of layout hunting. It's an absolute blast, and a pure addiction. If it's something you've never tried, and your a waterfowling fan, its a must!
  16. Been a busy year this year, not so much with work, but busy being in the great outdoors. This year has turned out to be a fantastic waterfowl season so far. The divers are starting to show up, and it will only get better! Here are some pics of the season so far. All of this is around the Alpena area! As always I'd like to thank Mark(CaseyII) for makin the trip from Holland to Alpena to help us kill some birds. Opening morning fire on the island. A few beers prior to opening morning(Hit the blind at 11pm the night before) Mark(CaseyII)-Holding Harley's first ducks!(The dog ) Mark's dog, Harley, on her first duck hunt! Never having duck hunted she still managed to retrieve several downed birds, and even pounce on a wounded one!
  17. Another vote for don on tangled mess Charters. You'll have a very good time. We frequently fish together and there's never a dull moment. Give him a call on his cell at: 616-889-6603.
  18. Thanks guys. This year really has been great. Its not every year you can break the 1000 fish mark before September. We do have a few trips left in the next week. So if anyone wants to ride along give me a shout!
  19. Rest of the pics wont upload! The rest can be found on my facebook page.
  20. July and August were two of the best months a person could be out on the lake. Mark(CaseyII) and I were lucky enough to have most of the month of July and August off of work, allowing us to spend an absolute ton of time on the water. Unfortunately, being off work doesn't mean either of us had a ton of free time to post reports, but here is a wrap of of the absolutely stellar July and August we had. Between the dates of July 23rd and August 23rd we were lucky enough to boat 456 fish in 31 trips. 392 of those fish came in the month of august alone.
  21. Fishing inside of concentrated bait is never option number one. But if its your only option at the time, running much faster than normal. Ie 3.0-3.3 at the ball will produce more strikes. Ideally you want to avoid fishing in the concentrated bait. Move to the inside or outside edges. Aka stop marking bait and fish that new line. Salmon are not very bright, but even they can tell that a spoon or fly/attractor is not real when they have thousands of alewives swimming around. The theory behind increasing your speed is that most of the time when this bait has been so heavily concentrated its been at low light hours. They're relying on their sense of vibration to help them... not giving them time to hone in on your baits make them accidentally strike you instead of one of the 300 alewives your right next to.
  22. The name of the boat was, "The Black Pearl" no fruit involved. Lol.
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