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  1. There will be an open house at Augres Marine from 10am-2pm. Augres Marine is located right on U.S. 23 just a mile north of Augres. Come and check out the new Starcrafts, Mercurys, and Evinrudes. Meet Mark Romanack and other Starcraft Pro Staff. Demo Rides (weather permitting). There will be door prizes, a St. Croix Rod Raffle, and hot dogs. For more info call 989-876-8587
  2. Gosh, You have no idea how badly I would love to come, but unfortunately I'm 800+ miles from Alpena and prolly won't be any closer until the beginning of August. Missing brown trout is absolutely going to kill me, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I would absolutely love to get a chance to do some fishing with you in your back yard hehe. Hell lets trade a trip once I get back in town. :D

  3. This good daytime bite should make for an interesting Brown Trout Walleye Tournament in a few weeks. Based on what I saw last week, there should be some 2 day totals in the 40lb. range. It will also be interesting to see if either cranks or spinners prevail and just how far guys have to run to win this year. We also caught 2 tagged fish last week. Both had "BC 48707" stamped on the tag.
  4. I know nothing about c-map software. I use Navionics chips, but have never put them on my computer. I have save waypoints to chips to transfer to different units. Here is a sweet site for GPS positions on the web.... http://mapserver.mytopo.com/homepage/index.cfm?lat=45.02188919522577&lon=-83.27811823321374&scale=500000&zoom=100&type=0&icon=0&searchscope=dom&CFID=1044821&CFTOKEN=39812606&scriptfile=http://mapserver.mytopo.com/homepage/index.cfm&latlontype=DMS

    I plan on fishing the BT walleye tournament. You and Kevin should jump in for a day of prefishing that Wed or Thurs. Friday I will be fishing with my tournament partner, but he has to work M-Thurs.

  5. There's a lot of extremely nice as well as helpful people here. I finally got Kevin hooked up with some rod holders for his dinosaur. I set him up with a set of triples on pedestals. He should be styling now. :P hey by any chance do you know anything about c-map mapping software?

  6. Kevin was just talking about this site. I haven't been on here in a long time.

  7. Hey Ryan! :D Dont be scared to share your wealth of knowledge, people here are actually pretty decent :P

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