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  1. Thanks I will give him a try. Hey Nick how has it been for ya this year?
  2. I am looking into a new boat and would like to have a survey performed before buying it. Does anyone have any references or experiences? I live in mid-michigan. Thanks Craig
  3. thanks for the report, hope to be able to fish over there soon
  4. I have a couple of walkers tournys and have had no issues, quick retrieve and auto stop I love
  5. I think we all have been there at one time or another, get em next time
  6. Keep after them salmonoids, the water is sure to warm as does their hunger. I look forward to heading over that way later in may, after I have my fill of saginaw bay walleye. Thanks for the report. Craig
  7. Frank, Glad to see you back on the water, I have read and follow your reports almost everyday. Good luck with the ankle, and there is no better medicine than time on the boat with the lines in the water. Craig
  8. good job on the eyes, early in this season I also like to launch out of LBM. Hopefully to be back next week as this weekend does not look good weather wise. Craig
  9. 3 of us went out of LBM at about 7am headed e/se to 14 ft and started setting lines on a ne troll. harnesses with 2 oz inlines off boards and 3 oz over the side, purple, red, pink, and gold all took equal fish. biggest fish (24") came on a greasy chicken spoon, next biggest (22") on a firetiger tot. Many sublegal fish, ended with 15 but took over 40 to get limit. One big perch also. Great day on the great bay. Good luck Craig
  10. Good job on the eyes, I'm sure you will be back up and running in no time
  11. Good job on those bay eyes Frank, I am hoping to be heading up there tomarrow depending on the weather. Craig
  12. Last year I purchased the traxtech bird trees and so far I love having them on the boat. They are totally adjustable for any needs and very well constructed. Craig
  13. thanks for the report, and at least ya got a sample of some good eating. Are the nets marked well? Craig
  14. Good job on the eyes, we all know the fishing will only improve as the water temps rise. Good luck
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