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  1. That's the truth, I lost a decent salmon right at the boat and all of a sudden 3 boats fighting to get in behind me
  2. I am slowly getting back into salmon fishing after a couple years of hiatus and am very frustrated with large boats trying to run me over. I was fishing out of St joe this morning and had a pleasure boat and two charter boats run across my stern close enough that I could read boat names as they went by. Am I supposed to pull lines and get out of their way because my boat is tiny and I happen to be fishing in their way? Sorry for the rant, I'm better now
  3. I was thinking the same thing,I'm not sure if people don't realize how far out the walls are if you are hugging the shoreline or if they are heading for a waypoint inside the breakwall or what.
  4. I love it! I haven't fished muskegon in a few years but I might have to give it a go this weekend. Don't forget the 14' boat with 4 guys and 3 coolers none of them containing fish. bonus if 1 of the guys is wearing hunter orange camouflage and a detroit Lions hat.
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