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  1. Do you carry the torpedo downrigger weights ?
  2. Hits close to home, I know the survivor and his family, Prayers out to everyone involved
  3. Just completed, quick , easy and pain free.
  4. Very Nice, just renewed my subscrition
  5. Michigan and boat is slipped at Frankfort
  6. Usually between 3 and 4 hours on the water. Longest day on the water was 9 hours
  7. I've had Walkers (slow) Cannons, not sure what model but they were electric with dual rod holders. (just didn't care for them) Big Jon captain paks, loved em but they went with the boat when it sold. New boat I put Brutes on and love em. Wanted more speed and the tip up arms are nice.
  8. I personally did not notice much of a change at our marina. I did however notice a lot more sand bar showing where the Betsie river dumps into the bay
  9. Thanks HONDAM, just trying to weight my options. Don't want to buy an X4 and then find out I could of had X4D for a little more $$.
  10. Chamberlains all the way, I have tried pinch pads, band breakers, walker releases. Switched to Chamberlains 3 seasons ago now and couldn't be happier
  11. Does anyone have an idea what this new unit might retail at? Was going to buy a X4 unit and install this winter but now I am considering holding out till spring. Thanks
  12. Welcome aboard. I think I have found what I need (this site) to get me through my fishing addiction this winter
  13. I would go with low water levels, I kayaked the river a few times looking for fish and had to get out and walk where it dumps into the bay it was so shallow.
  14. This year was the Black screwball
  15. Hoefully will get to meet a few of them in the future. At shows or on the lake.

    I fish out of Frankfort.

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