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  1. Welcome, Everyone seems more friendly over here.
  2. Just checked out Sea Tech and they even called me. Very freindly and explain the process well. Was thinking of taking thier class in January they have scheduled for Detroit area but as of right now they have no one signed up for it, so it could be cancelled or moved. I really liked the weekend classes they offer as I do not really want to take time off of work.
  3. Coming over from the dark side. Glad I figured out where Dave and Ryan went. Looking forward to new ideas.
  4. Welcome boltman, I'll be up in Frankfort the last week of August if you want to come over one day during the week and go out. Boats full on the weekends and Friday the 29th, but right now I have space if you want to go out during the week. I am no pro, but do catch fish. (Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself)
  5. I had the same exact thing happen a few years back on a walker, Poor design in my opinion. I bought a new shaft to replace the old one. The old one I had a keyway macined in and put it back together, now I have a spare if this should ever happen again.
  6. New to the site, I have fished Frankfort for about 15 years, the last 6 years I spent out in Las Vegas. Nice place to visit but not live . I always came back for at least a week to use my boat:D Finally moved back last fall and must say it is good to be back. I have a 22 foot Sportcraft thats red and white. Hope to see some members on the water.
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