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  1. I had a heck of a time with this issue also. The 10 inch snubbers are the way to go. Keep your drags as loose as possible. Hope these posts help.
  2. Welcome aboard peter!!! The spending money just comes with Fishin'
  3. Welcome Lee, This site is full of individuals with extensive knowledge of fishing!!!!! You will love it :-)
  4. I tie the blood knot for my connection between the two. good luck
  5. I clip to my fluorocarbon leaders and have good success with copper, lead,mono,and dive bomb combo's. Last years stinger challenge most of our fish come on the outside board- 12# cajun red with the 3 oz dive bomb with the killer dolphin spoon that as far as know has not been mass produced (unfortunately). If you got it try it! I move the weight forward beyond the screw holes on the church boards when pulling copper and dive bomb combo. It takes some practice so the board don't dive on you. With that said keep the rookies of the rods until the board is in the boat. good luck
  6. I run 12#cajun red up high with great success. I also run the florocarbon leaders and sliders.
  7. I use cheap 10ft eagle claw diver rods. I replaced the tips with twilli tips. I run diawa gl47lc reels. I did well with mag dipsies when the fish were deep. I tie a regular fishermans not at the swivel. I use a couple beads with a piece of snubber between them to keep line tight when stored.
  8. 12color lead 30# and 45# copper depending on water temp sometimes the short cores were best
  9. Sorry to here about the lack of fish Jim , i was hoping the cold water would make it worth going one more time. Well, bought a new Hoyt this year i guess i'll put that to use.(hopefully)
  10. I ran braid on one rigger this year. I don't really see the benifit of switching to braid. I do wish i could get thinner diameter coated cable for my depth raider it has some serious blow back at times.
  11. I don't have the patience for the river so i would bring the boat:D I may make it out sunday morning give me a call.
  12. Went 9 for 10 in 110 to 120 fow. Took two fish on flasher fly (green) Took two fish 61 down on happy meal Took 1 fish on slider of 61 down rigger,pooh bear Took one fish full core jawbreaker and lost one. Took three fish 4 oz divebomb on one color lead kevorkian spoon. All and all great morning on the big lake.
  13. 2.1 to 2.3 at the ball works good for me. GPS speed ranges from 2.5 to 3.4
  14. GJ don and crew i lost a probe in the dw pre fish tournament. It still hurts.
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