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  1. It was almost like work, but never will stop enjoying it.
  2. Went 4 for 10 with just myself and brother in law. seas were rough for just him and i so we got are buts kicked. working the same water as previous reports this week. Our best lure has been the mandiran minnow by moonshine. white spinnie with oceanna fly also produced well. stinger and DW jaw breaker has been a good producer for the last three weeks. Can't wait for the lake to flip so we don't have to run as far.
  3. That would be me Mike. I fished the stinger challenge with BIG TREBLE. We had a blast caught 13 fish but didn't have any size. Loved the format hope you put one on next year.
  4. Could not have said it better Pauly! A different selection of presentations will lead you to the right one.
  5. Went 11 for 13 in the same water as yesterday, same spread. lots of fun:D
  6. There was no cold water to be found inside of 200 fow. Ended up 6 for 10. first fish 120 fow 68 down on a moonshine lure blue on top glow belly with black dots:confused: Two fish came on spinnie fly 180 back wire diver Remaining hits came 91 down on moonshine orange flounder pattern. Had 57 degree water 91 down in 214 fow, most of our action came from 214 to 240 fow.
  7. Went 5 for 10 in 50 to 70 fow. Took hits on 9 color lead with stinger jaw breaker. Took several hits on moonshine doe dee k on the half core. Took hits on 30# copper with moonshine bloody nose. No rigger or dipsy action at all. Fished 5:45 to 9:30 am. Had fun!
  8. I try and stay away from combat fishin'
  9. Nice job. Great report i'm going out of whiteall this morning, and will post results. Jay Boatname: ELLIOT
  10. GJ, i try and stay away from the pack and usually do ok. Gas is always an issue now though. ELLIOT
  11. Rougher seas then expected this morning. went 4 for 7 with no rigger action at all. took hits 100 and 120 back on spinnie flies dehind wire dipseys. Took hits on full core moonshine blue/glow with dots. Took 17# king on 30# copper 300 back with dreamweaver "shiznit". All and all a good morning with some good action. Work 50-70fow slid out to 95fow after sun up. Jay Boat name: ELLIOT:cool:
  12. Fished from 7:15 to 8:15 tonight boating 1 out of two hits. The lake was ugly and called it a night when we got the skunk out of the box. Caught a nice twelve pound king 33 down on modified blue dolphin. Had another fish on 61 down on nailer pumpkin seed with glow belly, this fish came unbuttoned quickly as it got in the copper rig. Both hits came in 85 fow. Jay Boat:ELLIOT
  13. At least you made it out,and fish in the box. awesome! Jay Boat:ELLIOT
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