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  1. Left the dock a little after 7 pm. went 2 for 3 in some pretty ugly conditions.... We yanked rods hastily a little after 9 p.m. when we noticed sparks jumping from metal on the reels to the rod holders:eek::eek: things that took fish: 74' down on cocktail spoon in 85 fow took one and lost one. 65' down on happy meal in 85 fow took one.
  2. I have one on my boat, i use it for 2 color lead. It is probably 7 years old and still ticking. It has retrieved several fish over the years. There are better reels out there but you can't go wrong for the money.:D
  3. I didn't know this was a competition. You guys all do a great job and all us under achieving fisherman appreciate your reports.:D:D:D:D
  4. Bob( aka tackleshopII) spends enough time on the water to help improve everybody's game in one way or another.
  5. Went 3 for 8 in 55 to 120 fow. Copper with double trouble went 2 for 3. wire dipsey 40' back with nbk flasher fly went 1 for 2 wire dipsey 40' back with nbk flasher diehard fly 0 for 1 caught a nice coho on two color don't remember what spoon. missed one on the double rig of the rigger 47 down(cocktail spoon on the bottom and hawg wild on the top) Action is picking up I just need to figure out how to keep them on. Hopefully the weather holds of for this weekend:cool:
  6. Way to go hunter:D Nice job of putting them on fish Mike:cool:
  7. Fished 60 to 90 fow out of Whitehall this morning. Went 4 for 7... 3 kings and a laker.. First fish 17# king 47 down on cocktail spoon. laker came on 4 color orange spoon with glow belly. double trouble took a nice king on 300' copper Took another nice king on wire mag dipsey 75 back coyote ugly spoon. missed one on the full core setup jawbreaker spoon. missed one early on 150' of 30# copper(green and black proking with glow ladder.) Missed one on the 45# copper with double trouble. Left the house at 5 am pulled lines at 9:10 am.
  8. Obviously I don't have my priorities straight!!!
  9. Went 2 for 3 on a evening trip out of Whitehall. Took 2 lake trout in 120 fow 190 back on wire dipsy. NBK flasher and fly. Had a rip on the 45# copper "no one home" first trip out for the year, went flawless, wish the fish were a little more cooperative.
  10. Nice job Terry!! You must be the only person fishing "THE HALL" right now. I sure hope it gets better soon!!!
  11. Terry let me know when the fish are in and then I'll go fishin":D Good job Terry!!!
  12. Pulled lines at 10 am when we hit 300 fow. There was a slight scum line ou there but no fish.
  13. Went out with a friend today..... very slow 3 for 3 all small kings full core took one two came 48 down around 180 fow on coyote ugly!!!! nice day for a boat ride.... The ELLIOT will be ready for the water next weekend!!!!!! can't wait:D
  14. nice job Terry Wish i could have been in town. The ELLIOT is just about ready for the water!!
  15. Thanks for the ride Burt. It was an awesome evening even if we didn't do all the catching!!! We'll get them:D
  16. I was lucky enough to get a hold of some tent poles. 1.5" diameter. I did all the cutting and machined the plates that attach to the boat. I would not try and run pvc for salmon. I've had the plastic cabela ones blow up on me. hope this helps.
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