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  1. Anyone use these yet? Looking for some insight on the quality and construction of these. Good,Bad,Ugly??? Thanks,
  2. Frank at Calumet Marine confirmed that they do have the diver dock in stock and can be order at the online stor found on their website. www.calumetmarine.com They have a two pack or singles. Placing my order today.
  3. I sent them an email and haven't heard anything yet. I wanted to make sure they had them. Several sites I found have the divers listed but not in stock.
  4. I was just looking for the same thing. Any one know who sells them. I know Big Weenie used to sell them but I didn't see any on the website.
  5. Did my homework too .... do I get a cookie now?
  6. Another vote for Tuna Toms. The guys are really good if you run into a problem and their products are great.
  7. Just an FYI- I talked with Pauly last week and he said they were blasted with work already.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input on the product. I ordered a couple spools of Blood Run wire. Thanks for the suggestions on how to run it and set it up as well.
  9. I need to respool my wire divers this year. I was looking at prices of various makers and found they are all about the same. So the question is quality, how good is the product? If you have been using the Blood Run 20# or 30# wire let me know what you think. Good, Bad, or Ugly, I'd like to hear about it. Is the 30 better than the 20? What's the actual break strength on these(I remember seeing a video posted here about this)? How does it compare to Torpedo wire, I know cost is higher for the Torpedo but is the quality higher too? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks everybody! p.s. Currently using malin single strand and mason 7 strand- experienced several breakoffs last year with both types. Figure it's getting old or worn out.
  10. Selling an Okuma 450L. Worm guard lost some color but is smooth. Has fresh ridilium(sp) drag, as well as fresh grease and oil. Spooled with approx. 100 yds of power pro backed with mono. Not sure of the weight of the lines. Not a bad reel for what it is. Will be putting it on Ebay Tuesday 1-15-13. You guys get first shot. Make an offer. Shipping will be determined by zip code.
  11. 40# flourocarbon and owner #4 octopus hooks length as Matt mentioned above and tandem single hooks stored on old swim noodle as well
  12. Welcome to the site Shawn. I'm with Rod on the line weights and leaders on the coppers and lead lines. I, however, like the 12# wieghts. Due to speed and depths that I fish there was way too much blowback. With that said, if you are looking to get started on a limited budget, they will work. As far as the Cabelas reels, I have used a couple for several years. I found that the drags that are in the reels at purchase are good for about one year or 10 fish, which ever comes first. They also tend to leak out while trolling and are jerky with fish on the line. I put the carbon fiber drags in mine and they work great. I got mine from Tuna Tom in Ludington, MI. They run about $9-10 for each set. The rods should be fine, for starters. If yopu have $$$ to spend I would upgrade both the reels and the rods. I like the Okuma Convector reels for the money, but the Shimano Tekotas are very nice if you got the funds. Rods, I like the Daiwa Heartland, Okuma Classic, and the Shimano TDR. Any of these would be fine. Good luck on the setup, and ask more questions when you get them. The people on this site are great resources.
  13. I've been using it for the last 6 yrs along with clear on a few rods, kinda as an experiment. No real difference was seen between the two. I didn't have one color out fish the other. I say try it. If you notice a big dip in catches, then consider a change. I don't think it will happen, but I've been wrong too many times to count.
  14. Another vote for the CV 30's. I like mine a lot. Nice and sturdy, easy to clean and maintain as well.
  15. Merry Christmas everyone! Hoping for a prosperous New Year for all.
  16. Holy Cow Matt! There was some serious dust on that one. A real blast from the past. Thanks for the post.
  17. May it be healthy, with 10 fingers and toes and 2 blinking eyes. Congrats Aaron.
  18. Hey Mike are these Eastern times?
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