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  1. Went out am and pm yesterday. Fished 70 to 150 NE -SW troll Set lines at 6 pulled at 11 0 for 2 in the morning session- both hits on 150 copper with a mag blue dolphin. First fish was a steelie that broke the line during his aerial show. Never saw the second fish, hook pulled. Fish came between 80-90 fow. Evening session - Fished 70-105 NNW-S troll temp was 46.3 60 down. Set lines at 6:20 pulled lines at 9. 4 for 7 1 king 3 steelhead Took fish on: wire dipsy #2.5 125 back pulling a mountain dew sd and hybrid yogurt fly, 150 copper with a mag blue dolphin, downrigger with uv gator down 60. Fish came 89 - 103 fow. Misses included a steelie that hit our double orange crush behind our 4 color that was out of the water 4-5 feet. That was awesome! Wish I had a video of that one. Good Luck out there Keep em' tight
  2. Cantilever boat lift for sale- Little Lift Boat Lift - 450# capacity Was used for small waverider(650) and a row boat w/ 9.9 motor at different times Aluminum construction with wood bunks Adjustable leveling legs for shallow water entry point Located In Ferrysburg, MI $300 obo PM me if you’re interested Forgot the camera , but will post pics ASAP.
  3. I have other segments of copper on other reels. I have a 100, 150, 250 then my 300. I wouldn't try running a 300 copper and only putting part of it out. I think you'll damage the copper and risk a breakoff. I have heard of people putting a section of mono to create the smaller segments. Personally I like having them on separate rods. Now if I could only remember which rod has what length on it
  4. I used to use snap swivels with a split ring, but after losing 6 fish in two trips due to failures form those rings I switched to solid rings. No more problems.
  5. I was curious about the whole idea of the barter, so I contacted the MI DNR. Here is an excerpt from the email I received. "This would not be legal since it is considered to be a payment in another form. Therefore, I don’t recommend you trade fish caught on a sport fishing license to trade goods with another person." Just an FYI.
  6. Straight out to south. I zigzagged south to north with my e-w trolls.
  7. Set lines at 5 hoping that the fishing would be as awesome as the weather. About a 1/2 hour into the trip, a rigger fired. It's gonna be a great trip .... hook pulled, he's gone . Nothing for the next hour and a half. Then things picked up, but we couldn't keep those steelies on the lines. I will say their leaping is in mid-season form. Pulled lines at 9:30. Anyways, here's what worked for us: UV Gator on rigger 40 dn 2 for 4 Freakin Veggie on full core 1 for 2 Carmel Dolphin on rigger 55 dn 0 for 1 Moonshine on dipsy set on 2 95 back 1 for 1 E - W troll at 2.75 at the ball, 120-135 fow. All fish on an east troll were caught, west troll- all but one fish were lost. Go figure Good Luck out there. Keep Um' Tight
  8. Are you using a coated or bare downrigger cable?
  9. They work either way. Tuna told me okumas like it better dry and shimanos like it greased. But both can be run either way, just a preference.
  10. I agree with Frank on this. It sounds like it might be out of place a little. After giving the area a scrape, check the rubber boot to make sure it is positioned correctly. That can also create a pinch point if it's not properly aligned.
  11. The cost of a new line counter is $5 from Tuna's website. A little less than another reel. Just a thought.
  12. I'm not positive on this, but it sounds like the gear that gets turned by the levelwind is broke(missing teeth) or the shaft on the linecounter may be bent. If it's bent, it can be warmed slightly and straightened. Otherwise, it's a pretty easy fix to swap out the linecounter or gear(s).
  13. The second one from the left is the one I was looking for. If you decide to pull the trigger on the rod holders I might be interested in the base.
  14. It's a little far to drive for a day trip. For the price of the gas I'd burn it would be cheaper to buy a new one. But, thanks. It lets me know they are out there.
  15. Looking for 2 used bases for a Big Jon multi set rod holder. Another possibility is if someone could send me specs on the bolt pattern, I'll fabricate them. I don't want the ball cradle and truly could use the single over the dual. Here is the dual base I'm looking for: http://www.gloutdoors.com/rh10434.aspx Here is the single I would prefer: http://www.gloutdoors.com/rh11432.aspx I'm open to other ideas as well if you have any.
  16. This really doesn't answer your question but, I still use a reel with a levelwind for my coppers. The Tekota 700 or 800 and the Okuma 55L have no problems running the copper through them. They all have a much higher retrieve than the 309. I bought both of my copper reels used so I change the drags to Tuna Toms and they are awesome. The Okuma is the cheaper of the 3 reels. If you truly want a reel with no levelwind, they make the 55 without one, or you can remove the guide from them.
  17. The 300 L is sold. The 450 is still available.
  18. Hey Austin. Send me what you think is a fair price on the reel. Also if you still have the other one, I'll repair it - no charge to you.
  19. So, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what I need to do next year to make things both easier and more productive next season. I got to thinking about my wire setups. I run a wire dipsy on each side of the boat on 7ft rods with an 8-10ft lead. My problem is when bringing in a fish on the dipsy, the T-top on my boat gets in the way. We have tried handing with success, but it's still a pain. I like the rods and they fit well into my setup so I won't replace them. So I'm wondering about the slide divers and if they would be a viable option. Here are some of my questions: Can/should this be used with wire? Will the wire go through the diver or will I need to used a leader? Do they dive the same as a regular dipsy? Would a snubber be needed?
  20. Make an offer, I won't be offended. If not, they will be heading to Ebay. Thanks for looking.
  21. Selling a few reels to make cash for some new setups. Okuma Classic - CL 300L, used, decent shape, solid reel. $30 obo Okuma Classic XT - CLX 450L, yard sale find, had clutch lever issue-repaired, looks new, I don't think it was ever spooled. $40 obo Okuma Catalina - CT25L- Spooled with 20lb mono and 1 color of lead, rarely used, excellent shape. $90 obo The 300 and the 25 have been mine for several years. They have been stored in reel case and maintained regularly. The 300 has been a backup for a couple years and the 25 had been used as a swr as a spring long line. I also have several spools for cn or cv 20's. According to Pauly at Tuna's, they should fit any okuma trolling reel, size 20. They would be great for spare spools or for multiple line types used on one reel. I don't have a 20 I can check them with. Make an offer.
  22. I have a fellow teacher that enjoys the snow and was wondering if there is a resort in Michigan that has snowmobile rentals available this winter. Would prefer something on the west side of the state, but open to suggestions. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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