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  1. Finally headed out to start the year. Set up in 70 fow with 40 degree water 50 dn. Action was not fast and furious and little to no bait seen on the locator. Ended our evening 2-3 with the best being 115-130 fow south of the piers. Only fished 5-9 pm. Things were just starting to pick up when we had to head in. Here's what worked for us- 5 cl- with Craig's Christmas, #7 coho 10 cl- with Melon, #13 King 5 cl- with Craig's Christmas, lost Keep em' tight!
  2. Has anyone read Dan's new book? Is it new material or a rehash from his other books? Is it worth the purchase?
  3. Just an FYI- The webcam many of us use to check the water conditions at the pier heads in Grand Haven, will no longer be in service. Apparently the house that had the cam on it has been sold. Thank you the to previous owner for sharing with us for many years.
  4. I got a 2 extra packs of these and looking to part with them. I use these to lock things down on my boat, but I know there are a few hunters here that might be interested. $25 shipped. Would entertain reasonable offers.
  5. These are one of the first styles they had, I think. I bought these in 2008, but haven't used them in a few years since buying trees. They are rail mount, 1 1/4- 1 1/2 inch, so they are for a big rail or post. I used them on my posts for my t-top. They mount vertically, and you can adjust the angle, so if you wanted you could make your own tree I guess. They are aluminum, gold in color. Very good shape. $75
  6. Here are the pics of the lift. The bunks are adjustable to fit a wider boat. It's 5ft 4 in wide, 7 ft long The legs are roughly 16in and the lift fully extended is an additional 18in So, roughly a 34 in maximum lift capability.
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