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  1. I have seen a few videos on the tiller pilots and wondered if anybody has made them work? I was wondered if going 2.5 mph would be fast enough for the internal compass to work? Where did you buy it from? And my kicker is not on a bracket.. It is mounted right to the back wall.. I have a pic but can't get it to load!
  2. Hey guys.. I have a kicker on my 26 foot CC and I am looking for a auto pilot.. I have heard from many that the TR1 is the best one out there, with that being said, is there any other options? TR1 will go for around $2500.. Is there anything that will go for a little less? Just need to go straight, don't need a lot of bells and whistles!! Thanks for your imput!! Jake
  3. Thanks for all of your help! My boat is in Grand Haven but with my job I travel the state so I can look on the east side for a better deal, I will look at the Charter Special and see what they are like.. I know my buddy has them on the charter boat he runs and loves them.. But it does sound like I will be going with Okuma for the high divers! Once again thanks for all of your help!
  4. Now that I have some Christmas money.. I was wondering what reels to buy for my down riggers and high divers? I am looking at Okuma Convectors because of the price and I have heard many good things about them.. I was looking on the Okuma website and I see they have a few new models coming out. Has anyone heard anything about these? I need to buy 4 reels 2 for downs riggers and 2 for high divers.. What would you buy? I have about 500$ to spend.. Thanks for your imput!
  5. We left the dock at 6:30 this morn and went out to 150 fow. We fished out to 225 fow with the 190 being the best. Ended the day going 10-12 with fish being cought on paddles on riggers (135-145 down) and spoons on 300 copper (green jeans & flounder pounder) all fish came deep! If you can get it deep it will get hit! Came in the pier heads at 10:30..
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