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  1. Fished from 6 to 9:50 last night. Covered 80 to 160 with 110 to 130 being the best. Ended 4-8, having two fish hit on riggers a take off for the dipsies and coppers and a steelhead jump about 4 ft out of the water to say thanks but no thanks. Fish we caught weren't huge but they did keep the skunk away. Lots of action from 8:20 to 9:30, having 7 of our 8 hits during that time. Trolling speed of 2mph at the ball and sw to ne in direction. Here's what worked for us: Siggs Brushed stainless behing crome blue flasher, rigger dn 50, 2-3 king and coho UV Blue Dolphin, 200 copper, 0-1 NBK, dipsy 175 bk, 1-1 king BLL Screwball, 150 copper, 1-1 king Mongolian beef, rigger dn 60, 0-2 Just a side note- Sea fleas were really bad last night. We had them piled up on the wire dipsies but slide all the way down to the dipsy, so there was no issues. The flea flicker line was once again awesome in not having a single flea on it whenever we need to reset after a fish or lure change. I know this sounds like a commercial, but you gotta try this stuff if you're having flea issues. Keep Em' Tight
  2. Let me start by saying, YES! finally a good night on the water. Headed out after the heavy rain with Mom and Dad, setup in 80 fow just north of the pier heads. Had 3 lines in the water when we took our first fish, and the hits just kept coming. We fish 80 to 100 fow trolling wnw and ese all night. Ended our trip 8 for 13 punctuated with a nice 15# King to end our evening. Pulled lines at 9:30. Here's what worked for us: Kevorkian on rigger, dn 50, 2-3 king and laker Mongolian beef on rigger, dn 43, 1-3 2 kings, lost nice king in wire diver NBK on wire dipsy 125 bk, 1-1 coho UV Blue Dolphin on wire dipsy 100 bk, 0-1 couldn't get the rod out of the holder BLL Screwball on 150 copper, 1-2, king UV Flounder Pounder on 300 45# copper, 2-2 king and coho Lemon Ice on 10 cl, 1-1, king Good Luck out there, Keep Em'Tight
  3. Fishing still slow..... Went out Friday and tried deep. Took one hit in 195 fow on 300 copper pulling a Siggs Brushed Stainless Fly with a crome blue sd, lost it half way in. at the end of the night trolled into 115 fow had a hit on a rigger 60 down pulling a Mongolian Beef, lost in at the back of the boat. Finally, cleared the skunk out at 114 fow with a 8lb coho on 7 color pulling a Lemon Ice. All hit were on a e or ne troll. Saturday, stayed in 60 to 120 fow running a similar program. Marked some bait and fish in good temperature. Took a 7 lb steelhead on the 7 color with a Lemon Ice and a 5 lb king on the Mongolian Beef off a downrigger 60 down. Fish were taken on sw and ne trolls. Still not a great day, but at least no black and white kitty in the box. Hopefully the June swoon is almost over. The freezer is looking kinda empty. Keep em' tight!
  4. Made it out last night for a short time. Fished from 6 to 9:30. Started in 130 fow and went out to 180. Got pretty bumpy in the deeper water. Water temps were good as close as 60 fow. The night was not super productive as we ended 1 for 1. We took the fish early and had hopes of finding more, but the fish had other plans I guess. Our tally for the evening, 8 lb coho caught on a jawbreaker spoon off a 150 copper in 153 fow. Keep Em' Tight!
  5. Started out about 5pm. Set up in 120 fow trolling west. Fished 120-150 with 120- 130 being the best for us. Fishing was very slow, typical June right? We ended 4 for 4 on 4 different setups. Everything taken on a westerly troll. Here's what worked for us: 150 copper, Jawbreaker, coho Downrigger 110 dn, UV Blue Dolphin, king Downrigger 70 dn, Siggs Brushed Stainless Fly, coho 4cl leadcore, Craig's Christmas, coho Fish weren't big but they kicked the skunk out of the box. My advice, if anyone cares, if you mark the fish stay with them, don't go to deeper water. Lots of boats last night decided they weren't biting, let's go deep. Be patient, stick with the fish. Lot's of skunks, according to the radio. Keep Em' Tight!
  6. First time out his year was over a month ago and I was freezing my butt off. At that time there were no insects, by air or by sea. So, how's things now? How are the black flies and the sea fleas? I'm heading up this week for the summer and looking for a bug report. Thanks,
  7. Congrats on the addition to the family.
  8. Welcome to the site Chris. I'm out of GH as well. Should be heading over as soon as I can. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
  9. BE AWARE!!!!!!!! My boat is up at the end of June and I had not received a renewal notice. Went online to find out they went to an online renewal system. Just is case you need it, here's the link. http://www.dnr.illinois.gov/recreation/boating/Pages/RenewYourWatercraftRegistration.aspx Check your stickers, because you know they will. Cost is 52.50
  10. Welcome to the port Matt. Maybe I can run over your lines as a welcome or something Just Kidding Best of luck with the new venture. I'm sure you'll be on the water more than I will, but if you need anything drop a line.
  11. So here's what's left: 1- Classic 300 L, well used, most of the lettering worn off, good working order 20.00 1- Classic 302 L, some wear, very good shape 25.00 1- Convector CN 30 L, some wear, good shape 25.00 1- Classic 450 L, well used, lettering still visable, good shape 30.00
  12. Cabelas reel sold 1 Magda 30 DX linecounter reel sold
  13. Cabelas Gold DMG 45 linecounter sold - pending payment
  14. Looking to buy 2 - Convector 30 linecounter reels, CV series. Don't want them trashed but if they need minor repairs thats ok. Contact me with what you have.
  15. I'm looking to upgrade a few reels and I've got 8 reels I'm looking to sell to help offset the cost. They're all in working order and maintained every year. Drags have been upgraded courtesy of Tuna Tom. These are good starter or backup reels. Here's what I have: 2- Magda 30 DX linecounter reels, Excellent shape 25.00 1- Classic 300 L, well used, most of the lettering worn off, good working order 20.00 1- Classic 302 L, some wear, very good shape 25.00 1- Convector CN 30 L, some wear, good shape 25.00 1- Convector CN 45 L, some scratches, very good shape 35.00 1- Classic 450 L, well used, lettering still visable, good shape 30.00 1- Cabelas Gold DMG 45 linecounter, some wear by linecounter, very good shape 35.00 Shipping cost determined by zip and number of reels purchased. Make me an offer.
  16. Way to go Matt! Congrats!
  17. Stopped by Cabelas today to take a look at Cold Water Reels. Honestly, I was not impressed. The drag took a few turns before it was actually engaged. Then it went too tight in less than a half a turn. The clicker was weak and worse than the old Depthmaster 2 they had on display. Compared to the Convector, this didn't seem like an upgrade. Maybe it was just the reel I had and not a overall for the series. Just my opinion, thought someone else might want to know.
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