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  1. Fuzzy bear blue tail... Caught a lot of fish with it at the start of the year
  2. Has anyone changed drags in there reels. I have some 47h reels id like to get new drags for. what kind of drags would be best.
  3. Anyone ever put the drags in your self i need to put some in some daiwa 47h reels.
  4. Does anyone have any good ideas for mounting big Jon trees without putting them directly to the deck or in a rod holder?
  5. I use the walleye boards they work great you just clip it on and make it so it won't release then when the board gets to the boat you take it off and have the whole copper to fight the fish with no board.
  6. yea when is the swap meet in st joe
  7. thanks that works great
  8. how much backer should i put on my copper riggs
  9. anyone have any wirerods for sale
  10. im near chicago but i go fish in michigan where are you located and how much would you want m
  11. what copper setups are a must have. and does anyone have any good recomendations for an inexpensive wire dipsey rod
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