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  1. Can anyone tell me anything about the "Tight-Line" rod holders? I've seen them online and might be interested in a pair. Does anyone use these for riggers or anything else? If so, how well do they work? Would you recommend them? Thanks in advance. Bob
  2. I know there will be some that don't agree with me on this post but I'm going to put it in anyway. I do not like Power Pro at all. I have used Fireline for the last five to six years for both bass fishing and backing on my salmon rods. Never had any problems with it. Cabela's had some Power Pro on sale so I bought some thinking it should be about the same. I had five break offs in one trip with the two rods I spooled. Never had a problem with the Fireline, and it was used for a year. The Power Pro was 50#, the Fireline was 30#. I haven't used it since and I've been really happy without it. But that's my opinion. Bob
  3. Thanks for the responses guys. I was chatting with Nick and Mike last night and Mike had an interesting solution. What if I built a riser out of wood that would slip over the cleats that are in front of the gimble mounts, approx. 8in. Then secure it to the cleat with a couple of J latches. Oh and some white rubber to protect the glass from the wood. What do you think? Is it worth the effort?
  4. Here is the back without the riggers on. They lay right across the back of the bait tank.
  5. Hey guys I'm looking for ideas for a new downrigger board. You all have been great with all my other questions so I'm hoping you can come through for me again. Here's what I'm working with: I have a 19ft Proline center console. I currrently run 4 downriggers off a pressure treated 2x8 that sits on gimble mounts in my flush rod holders. I think I want to move my 2 outside riggers toward the bow to allow my inside riggers a little more room. I would also like to be able to remove the board for transport purposes. I have just the 2 flush rod holders. How can I get a U shaped board onto my boat without putting holes in my boat and still be secure and sturdy? If you have any pics I would be interested in seeing what you have. Suggestions? Is it possible? Thanks Bob
  6. Hotdog71


    I agree with Priority1. I had that happen a couple of years ago with a squirrel. The guy I talk to said rodents don't like the mothballs. I haven't had a problem since. Just don't forget about them. I left mine in for almost a year (forgot about them) and when I ran my A/C the following July I couldn't figure out what the smell was. :-P Live and learn.
  7. I recently purchased a used Sub Troll 900 and was wondering if anyone has a manual for this. I'm looking for installation instructions to make sure that I don't screw something up. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a copy of the manual? If not, any other installation suggestions? Thanks in advance. Bob
  8. Hey Mike, How much are the shirts and hats? Are they the same ones found on the Stinger website? Do we have a choice on colors? When would we pay for those if we want to order? Thanks Bob
  9. Hey Caznik, I put this one in my boat last year. I'm really happy with it. http://www.rocktheboataudio.com/html/35128.html Bob
  10. I've only been fishing Lk Mi for a year, but the best time I've found is 6pm -11pm. Right at sundown the rods seem to fire on a regular basis. Day trips seem to be boat rides. Only had one morning trip and it was cut short due to weather and the technocolor yawn being displayed over the side of the boat.
  11. I was just wondering how early in the year you start fishing the big lake again? Due to some time issues, I have to take my boat out of storage around March 14 and was wondering if it would be worth it to drop the boat in the water or just have them put it on the trailer? It would be in Grand Haven waters. Any thoughts/comments? Thanks. Bob
  12. Thanks guys. Lots of great ideas to look into. Bob
  13. Hey Guys, I was wondering what type of lights you run to light up your deck and surrounding water during pre-dawn and post-dusk. I have a T-top with rocket launcher and was hoping to incorpoate that with the lighting. Is one 1 mil cp spotlight enough or two 55w fog lights? Does anyone run red, or blue lights to help with night vision? Do you have a seperate light for when a fish strikes? Suggestions? Thanks. Bob
  14. Thanks for the replys. Frank, I had another fisherman tell me about the downrigger wire last year and it helped a lot. I was hoping their was some electronic gizzmo I had missed. At current prices I just can't justify the outlay of cash. We, my Dad and I, did ok last year. We boxed 28, fishing mainly on weekends from July to September. Until I become independently wealthy I guess I'll be watching wires. Does anyone know if you can plug in a sub troll probe into a kingfisher tournatment and use that gauge instead of the one for the 900 model? Both are made by Moor, I just dont know if they're compatible. If anyone has any other ideas, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks all, Bob
  15. Hey guys, Is there any way to get the speed at the ball without dropping $400 on a Sub troll, Depth Raider or Cannon SnT? I just finished my first year on the big lake and I'm still working on gear, but was hoping to find an alternative to the expensive purchase. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks. Bob
  16. I was just in Cabelas(Hoffman Estates)and they had Ugly Stick Leadcore rods for $30. These had the roller tips w/ regular guides. Are these better than running a regular rod? Can you run a partial core witout damaging the line? Any thoughts Thanks. Bob
  17. Questions- Is the $30 fee per person or boat? How many boats usually enter the tourny? Thanks, Bob
  18. Big Weenie makes an awesome fly. The proctologist was a killer last season. Bob
  19. I think this one could be a hit Bob
  20. Hi everyone. Just joined a few days ago. This was my first real chance to post anything. Hope everyone had a great season of fishing. Big Thanks to Hitman for recommending the site. I just finished my first year of salmon fishing on Lake Michigan. I have some experience but not much, so expect a few silly questions. Talk at you later. Bob
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