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  1. here ya go i hope you can read this if not i can send to you email larger pics...john
  2. i suggest a 5' fiberglass, the typical shakespeare 5' fiberglass has 5dB thats the amount of multiplication to the power output of the radio (eg. 5watt radio output and 5dB antenna equals 25watts total output) and as well the radio and antenna combo to hear the incoming signal. the stainless 3' whip has the dB as the five footer but the tip of the antenna is 2foot higher, the 3foot whip is little smaller and takes up less room, however VHF radio's only work in line of sight, and here is the problem, on your boat. if the mounting location is three feet above the water, and you got a 3foot whip and are in say 6 foot waves (and you in the trough) the radio wont get out far at all, i know you most likely wont go out in seas that big, but what if it sneaks up on you and then get into trouble?? oh and the wife ever goes out and the cell dont work and the radio saves you both, then she will be saying " all i heard was BLAH BLAH BLAH, something about I told you so...Etc...Etc..."
  3. whoa boy....generally speaking yes, but sometimes you want shorter leads that will produce more snap...supposibily for more aggressivly feeding fish, and when fish are more netrual longer leads will put a little less in action on the fly. this is one area where nothing is written in stone, not a right or wrong answer, the fish will bite what they like and want. let them dictate the leader lenght!!!
  4. yup...the list here looks good....spend the $150 on marine VHF radio and ant. cell for sure but, it may or may not work i only thing i see wasnt covered was a big orange distress flag, oh flares AND smoke!!
  5. where the heck is the edit fuction button??? oh well mike please lock it down!!! everything has been SOLD...SOLD....SOLD!!!!!!
  6. camera flash works well but make sure not to blind yourself! here is another option..john http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templates/links/link.jsp?id=0054965019815a&type=product&cmCat=SEARCH&returnPage=search-results1.jsp&QueryText=uv+led+blacklite&N=4887&Ntk=Products&Ntx=mode+matchall&Nty=1&Ntt=uv+led+blacklite&noImage=0
  7. with thousands of hours of flight time (sea and air sickness are the same) i can say this. 1st if you were able to find a cure you would easily make millions and millions. the whole trouble in deep within the inner ear, and with going into a long winded medicial discourse, it effects everyone differently, even the same person, sometimes they puke and othertimes they dont, take the over counter sea sickness meds, look at the horizon,get into some cool fresh air, and unlike most i say get into the place on the boat with the least amount of motion, the cabin is a good place HOWEVER make sure they keep their head up and in plenty of fresh cool moving air....and as always keep the bucket close!!!
  8. dont know not thinking much about the game, love the commercials and sure hope tom petty does not have a wardrobe malfuction!!!
  9. ANOTHER STARCRAFT ISLANDER VOTE....make mine in 26' size
  10. hey guys, after getting a stupid quote for between $50-65 just for shadowed "MC" boat numbers i found sharon on craigs list she made me exctly the numbers i wanted, she matched the font and the colors to match our islander, she charged me $18 to my door and she said she can do alot of stuff try calling her or emailing her a sample of what work you would like in vinyl john You can reach me at [email protected] or 248.935.8661 Regards, Sharon
  11. hi WELCOME PHISHY, try reading "KEATING ON KINGS" AND the 1st book by dan keating and chip porter "GREAT LAKES SALMON AND TROUT FISHING" the complete troller's guide. JOHN
  12. sure i can do!! just hit the EASY BUTTON, JOHN
  13. email sent, walkers and tite-lok track are still for sale, big jon bases SOLD
  14. SURE...i think i can beat the 39 seconds....oh but i can see the rackoons fighting at the cleaning station tryin to get clean-up duty~!!!
  15. ive got the fog lights..but i think that they are great hand warmers..and i know my charging/batteries dont like them...but on the sides if the gunnels ive got NEXLITE DIAMOND LED, THEY ONLY DRAW 0.04ma and WHOA are the bright http://www.realtruck.com/php/watermark.php?code=qvnzbaq_yvgr_yrq-_juvgr.wct&id=1774
  16. FBI Sued for Illegal Discharge of Lead Bullets Into Lake Michigan FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chicago - January 14, 2008 Local advocacy group Blue Eco Legal Council today filed a lawsuit charging the FBI with disposing of lead bullets into Lake Michigan near an intake pipe which provides drinking water for 18,950 Illinois citizens. "We've been investigating the FBI's illegal discharge of lead into the lake for months," said Steven B. Pollack, Executive Director of the Blue Eco Legal Council, a local advocacy group, "and we were appalled and frightened to learn that this discharge is taking place in such close proximity to a public water intake pipe. This continued action by the FBI is putting our children at risk of permanent brain damage and developmental disabilities. The damaging effect of lead on children is well documented." According to documents received through Freedom of Information Act requests, this FBI firearms training range is intentionally designed to use over 2,900 acres of Lake Michigan as an impact area for discarded lead bullets. The City of North Chicago’s drinking water intake pipe is inside these 2,900 acres and its last water quality report indicated lead was detected in the public water supply. Last November, the Blue Eco Legal Council successfully stopped the Coast Guard from conducting its training exercises with lead bullets on the Great Lakes. "By filing this lawsuit, we hope to set an important precedent, and to force Federal officials to stop poisoning our children," said Pollack, "this is simply another case of the Federal Government believing they're above the law. Especially troubling is that the Department of Justice is the agency charged with enforcing the same laws it is now breaking.†For further information, please contact: Steven B. Pollack, Attorney Executive Director, Blue Eco Legal Council 3390 Commercial Ave. Northbrook, IL 60062 847-436-9566 [email protected] http://www.ecoesq.com/FBI_CoastGuard_Complaint.html ***************** I believe the population figure of 18, 950 is an obvious mistake. I myself use steel "drop weights" (that term will never die, I think)and won't sweat it if I ever lose one to the bottom. Frank
  17. Welcome From One Islander Owner To Another.........john
  18. WOW..........that fish is big as Olivia is NICE JOB!!!
  19. HEY GLF......i was speaking to MARK and he said that they are running a little behind but trying to get the new addition out ASAP and that they will be charting new products as well and the good ole stand-by's........MAYBE dive bombs will be covered.....JOHN
  20. FRANK......ive heard some guys say they watch the dipsy's to tell them the speed they are running.....do you know anything about how this is done?? what they are looking for....etc...ect.....ANYBODY feel free to chime in and share!!! THX!!!!
  21. HEY...i am not trying to be an ASS....but if you can figure out something better and CHEAPER let me know.....id buy 2 of them.........i dont know of anything out there but the products you mentioned..
  22. i found a great tool....covers it all well worh the $25 i paid, "BIG WATER EDITION PRECISION TROLLING" according to the data......4oz weight, 30lbs mono, 2.0 mph & 210 feet of line out at point of connection will acheive a depth of 28 feet!!! just one of some 50 plus pages of data.....best $25 i spent on fishing stuff!!!
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