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1MAINIAC Charity Challenge


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THis is a challenge to my fellow members I origonally posted this on another thread but will move it here so I can keep track of who is in. So there is no misunderstanding I am coping my original post again here. This is for the big fish pot in the Dreamweaver Charity Tournament at Muskegon this month.

And the best thing is the money goes to a good cause. Since this is a charity event I would like to make a charitable challange to other entrants. And this requires others to join in and agree to the same challange since the more that join the bigger the challange. I should have thought of this sooner but here goes this towards the Big Fish prize money. If I win the Big Fish I will donate a percentage of the cash up to 50% to the charity. The percentage will be based on the number of other boats who agree to do the same if they win the Big Fish money. So if I am the only one doing this it will be a 3% donation if we have 5 in the challange than it will be 10% donation 10 boats in makes it a 20% 15 boats makes it 30% 20 boats makes it 40% and 26 or more makes it a 50% donation. No crawfishing if you get on this list you have to make the donation if you win. Any Takers?

1MAINIAC first challange boat

Count Team Caznik in this one, but you are in charge of this because I do not want more work....


Joel sanders +crew are in also!

Ok that makes 3 boats 43 to go and we can just split the big fish with the charity right away. I don't think any of us are here to win money or prizes though they do help. So lets go fish and have a great time and help the kids at the same time.

Tight Lines

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Count me in. I talked with Priority 1 and he will be here Friday evening ready to share some of his experience with me.

When I head to Lake Michigan to fish with the locals, it's a learning experience for me. Thanks Mike for the gracious invitation.:)

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