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    I have a great wife and 3 awesome kids that let me fish ALMOST as much as I want
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  1. My phone keeps telling me there is a tapatalk for glf but i cant find it. is there a different name to look up?
  2. - moving both batteries to a forward compartment. - removing any old / unused wireing. - 2 new down riggers. - berts ratchet rodholders. - a 200 & 250 copper to fill in between the 150&300 i had last year. C'mon spring!
  3. Mr either. But I'm challenged...... if its there please someone help. Its much easier to read posts from that site.
  4. I cant find you on tapatalk using their search, am i doing something wrong? I did not use them before so it may just be me.......
  5. Would make the site much easier to use for live reports from the boat.....
  6. Where is the weather bouy off holland? I'm assuming about 70' of water, but is it north or south of pier?
  7. My program has been shut down for the last few weeks. I typicall run 5 rods. DR1 10' off bottom with big paddle and fly 15' behind ball. DR2 usually a clean spoon 15 to 20ft higher than DR1 and 20' behind ball. Wire dipsy with attractor and fly...usually 150-200 back. Braid dipsy with a spoon 180 back and a 150 copper with jplug down the shoot. I tweek it a little as we go with no luck. Taking 3 kids this afternoon and would like to have a little success again.....any idea what i've got messed up so bad?
  8. Maybe you have a bad release or the set magnet was damaged? Today I had large paddle / flies behind mine with no trouble. Won't use any other for my setup.
  9. Too often we forget that for many a trip to the big lake is a very big deal that may only happen every few years. Thanks for the reminder!
  10. I use hocky stick tape for this and many other things. My kid plays so its the handiest thing to get my hands on fast.
  11. Am I too late to join? Were in!
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