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swan lk allegan co.

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well me and rdfishin decided to go and get a few crappies this morning i met him at the lake around 11 and we went out to the spot that ive been fishing for the last few weeks and both took or limets be 12:30 in 15 fow about 10 ft down on the vex with yellow or purpal jigs with spikes here is a pic of the hall


and i also got a pic of this DIRTY DOG out in the feild near the lake, he was sneeking up on a flock of turkeys that where near the wood line but got cought



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GJ Terry. Did you ever fry up the roe from the bluegills. It's rather tasty. I have eaten it from perch and bluegills. It taste just like the fish, but you have to get used to the texture. One thing for sure it's completely boneless.:)

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Nice job guys!

I went down to the lake I live on (Campbell Lake in Caledonia/Alto). I marked loads of fish on the graph but, they where not in the mood to eat.

Hey Nailer,

Is that true that the lake that you live on has alot of walleyes in it.


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