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Meat Rigs 101

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You can run cut plug, strips, clean, twinkie rig, with either no attractor, a flasher, or spinney in either med, small, or large. None are WRONG.;)

As in anything presentation, it is the fishes preference that matters.

The only right and wrong with meat is the rotation of the meat. It should spin at a minimum rate of 2 spins per second. This seems to always hold true. That's bout all there is to it. At least it works for me!:D

Hope this helps!

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Yes and No!

If I'm running a straight meat head off an 8" flasher then yes I like to stick to that rule 3x the length of the flasher but when I run a triple tease rig off an 11" flasher then my triple tease length is around 4" give or take a few inches.


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Steve & I run meat very similar and have successfully fished it together many times.

I think that just like with a fly, leader length has alot to do with the action your looking for. The longer the leader, the slower the action with a fly or cut head. This also has alot to do with flasher size. The 11" flashers on a long lead can turn in a 5-6' circle! Thats alot of whipping around! A short leader will have that bait really spinning! I start my 3 fly teaser rigs at about 66" and than trim back as needed.

There is no exact leader length that is best. Its the action your looking for and then adjust the leader to make the bait do what you want.


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