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Got boards out and lines set about 1/2 mile west of the 'Nut when all H(#%L starting breaking loose. board line trips and starts squealing, then the flat in the prop wash 60 back fires boated both. Before we could reset, board line on the opposite side fires. Before it hit the net, the freshly reset prop wash line fires again then 2 other board lines...Quadruple on!! Long story short, slightly deeper water than we normally like to fish held the most active fish. We boated all of our fish in 8 fow to 16 fow. Nothing hotter than anything else, but got 1 on a SS Buffalo Bill (thanks Pete), got many on orange J-9, got 3 or 4 on Chartreuse J-9 in the prop wash, got 3 on orange/gold Thin Fin, and 5 or 6 on pink/black Jr. Tstix off the boards. Very hot in the beginning, then slowed a bit, then fired back up again around 10:30 till we quit at noon. Good day, only lost 4 hook-ups. Limited about 11 and ended up releasing 3 or 4.

Good finish to the last trip of the year for the Storm Warning. If weather and conditions permit, may try a few more times with the Quackback before season ends.

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Yep, quads suck...especially when you have 2 newbies on board and your steering cable snapped in the marina so your 1st mate is steering the kicker with his feet :no::no: and fighting a steelie at the same time while you are handling one and a net and directing the 2 newbies with freshies! :eek: Glad she is winterized now and its back to the 16'er, we'll deal with the cable before heading to the Bar.

Its still nothing like the Chinese fire drill you had a couple springs ago on matures there Skein Man, that was an impressive video! :grin:

Won't be long and they will be STACKED up in Presque Isle Bay and out of the weather and waves.

Dave Mull from Great Lakes Angler magazine went out with VisionQuest Capt. Pete Alex, myself, and Jimmy (my mate) last December in a near blizzard and we had 35 hook ups in 3 hrs! Biggest fish was a 10# 8oz sow (that's a BIG steelie in Erie)

If any of you guys have the desire to get in some late season Steel action out of the boat, bring 'er down. There is still a good bit to be had!

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