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[SOLD]Keating On Kings

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I will be selling Dan Keating books through the website.

Captain Dan Keating is one of the most productive and innovative Charter Captains on Lake Michigan, averaging an unprecedented 17 fish per charter during his career. Dan is one of the top tournament fishermen on the Great Lakes and winner of the prestigious Bob Uecker Great Lakes Invitational among other tournaments. Dan's first book, the critically acclaimed Great Lakes Salmon And Trout Fishing: The Complete Troller's Guide, has been credited with helping many anglers catch more salmon and trout. Dan contributes to numerous magazines and is Field Editor to Great Lakes Angler Magazine. Dan also gives highly informative seminars to fishing clubs and Outdoor Shows. Globally, Dan has fished remote locations in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, as well as extensive experience along the southwest coast of Florida. Dan lives with his wife, Mary, and four children, Rebecca, Ethan, Kate and Chloë in northern Illinois.


Captain Dan Keating brings over 30 years of experience chasing Big Water King Salmon to life. In this book you will find a mix of practical and theoretical teaching to help you systematically develop a game plan for your home waters.

• Eliminate unproductive water and locate Kings spring, summer and fall

• Stealth presentations

• Principles of lure and attractor selection for King Salmon

• Three-dimensional thinking for controlled depth fishing

• Master the group dynamic

• Light line tactics

• Use wire line, Dipsy Divers, Downriggers and much more

• Small boat secrets to success

• Secrets to catching trophy kings in shallow and deep water

These books are available for $24.95 per book and $6.00 shipping. Shipments to Canada will be extra. Send me a PM if you are interested and I will get you the payment info.


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I just finished reading the book, a very good read. Dan has done a very good job of explaining his "group dynamic" theory of fishing at a laymans level so its easy to understand by all.

He introduced a few new ideas, and reminded me of some tactics that I've used in the past (on the west side of the lake). I'm not saying everything he says is the gospel, but you can't argue with success. I plan to try the majority of his ideas as the season progresses.

:) A good investment for anybody interested in catching more kings.

P.S. RCH, Once Val teaches you to read :eek: , I'll rent you the book :D :D

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I just finished this book. I purchased it from Mike. I started fishing lake michigan for perch as of last spring. As I was going to my perching grounds I decided to throw out some hot-n-tots on my steelhead rods and troll to my perching grounds. Well needless to say I was hooked when I caught a couple of steelies. I purchased a couple of Walker manuals from a guy from work and was using them with my bass rods. Whenever I hooked up I had to throw the 17 foot boat into neutral and have the fight of my life keeping an eye on the spool getting smaller and smaller by the second. Eventually I purchased downrigger rods and dipseys then leadcore. I hooked up with some of my friends who were seasoned fisherman of the big lake and learned alot of things to help me. Eventually I purchased a GLS 220 and now I'm hooked. When I read this book it opened my eyes to many things I would of never thought of. The things that Dan Keating does makes alot of sense. Group dynamic? is what I thought when I first looked at the index. Now after I read this chapter it made me think actually what your lures look like as if you were a fish looking up as you trolled by. This book covered everything you could think of. This is a great book and I would recomend anyone to read this book. I'm sure after reading this book and take recomdations that dan suggest it will help me catch more fish and open my eyes to different tactics. Mike I give this book a thumbs up!!!!



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