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Cut Bait Rigs

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I have caught Kings with both the 8 inch and 11 inch Fish Catchers aka Hootchie Mamas, ahead of meat rigs. If I run the meat off a Dipsy I always use the 8 inch flasher, in it's max hole. When I run a meat rig off the rigger I will always use a middle rigger and most always use the 11 inch flasher in it's medium hole. Some say that the big flasher and meat rig draw fish to your spread. It does seem that the meat will produce when spoons and Js go dead.:) I have retied all my meat rigs. I have shortened them up to only 2 glow squid spaced about 10 inches up from the meat, 10 inches apart, and about 10 to 20 inches of line between the last squid and a swivel. If other stuff is going I seldom put out any meat. I switched to Gulp Cut bait this year. It's tougher, and will hang in there for several fish. I get the 11 inch long cut bait and cut it in half. 5-1/2 inches is plenty and it is cheaper than buying the 7 inch Gulp, per piece. In other words using the 11 inch Gulp you get twice as many cut pieces. When done fishing I return the Gulp cut bait to the package. With the Gulp you need a stiff wire to pierce the meat prior to running the toothpick through it. It's like leather.:)

I have also used Salmon belly meat with some success. Has anyone else tried the belly meat???

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If you are using Spin Doctors, Hootchies Inticers and such you want to shorten your bait rigs.

I use the Kingfishers with bait rigs, the full 3 twinkie rig was designed for this flasher.

I had a lot of luck this year with Gulp 6" bait Swimmers, the secret with them is to ignore all other advice and bury one of your trebles in the "fish" and pull it tight so it puts a good bend in the bait and it will spin nice.

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