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Sun morn left Two Harbors water temp in was 47 degrees ran out 7 miles water temp was 57 degrees headed NW up lake to 3 miles off Encampent set in 500ftw temp was 52 pickup 5lb laker just north of encampment on mixed veggie spoon at 45 ft down in 150 ft water went a mile north just before Castle Danger picked up 30 in plus steele 66ft down in 85ft water 2 coho on dipsey with pink X rapps 154 ft back 2 more 5-6 lbs lakers at Castle Danger reef . water temp 49 degrees caught another steele over 30 inches on a bumble bee spoon by Goosberry ALL STEELES were released

Had 11 more fish on but never boated (small cohos ) ALL in all was good day:lol:

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