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Had an invite from a friend I used to work with to go to Erieau & fish w/the steelheaders that he belonged to. I had the time so I went with him. Left my house @ 2:15a.m. to make it to his house on time. It was a long day. Launched the boat @ 7:00a.m. and headed out to the fishing spot. started to set lines and it wasn't too long before the lead came off the planer and there was a chromer way back dancing on top of the water. We ran 2 lead cores, one on each side, 2 riggers about 25' down, 2 dipsies 50-60 back, and 2 off the planers with snap weights. Everything took fish. We fished 50fow. From 7:00 -1:00 we landed 9 steelies, and 8 walleye. Not to mention the number of fish that we missed. With about an hour to go we started trying some other tackle to see if we could get into a monster. Put 2 jet divers out. Couldn't have been more than a minute with the jet diver and we hookedd up, missed it, sent it back out only to get another hit immediately. Awesome day with a great crew of guys, we worked together like we have been fishing together for a while. Erieau ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Good Luck...

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