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3/22/24 -St Joe - 5 for 5 and made 3 snowmen!

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After not having the boat ready in time for the nice weather a couple of weeks ago, I finally got on the water for the first time this year. Left port just before sunrise with pretty poor visibility from the dark and snow. Ran south and set up a half mile or so north of the chalet's on a south troll in about 20fow. Lots of marks all day long in 18-23fow. Water temps were 42-44f everywhere except near Cook, it was 47-49f there. Got my first fish near that chalet's, brown trout on a flatline pulling a red w black thin fish. Second fish came just as I was passing Cook, coho on a 1 color lead core pulling a red with yellow thin fish. Circled back to run by the plant again on a North troll, but didn't pick anything up. Made a snowman along the way to try to make the best of the snow. It's a good thing there weren't any other boats out there, I had a pile of snowballs ready to go! After trolling north about 1/4 mile past Cook, I looped back south to make another pass. Didn't pick anything up along the way this time and ended up going a half mile or so south of Cook and working into 15fow. Made a big loop out to the North again into 25fow or so. Angled back in to 20fow near the south buoy at Cook and picked up another brown trout on the red with black thin fish on the flat line. Kept working North as the winds started to pick up a bit and another snow storm started. Made a couple more snowmen to help ignore the cold. Picked up another coho in front of the dunes on the red with black thin fish on the flat line. Kept on trolling north from there zig zagging through 17-25 fow. Passed a couple of pilothouse boats on south trolls along the way and decided that my next boat needs some kind of cabin. Picked up another coho along the way on the red with yellow thin fish on a one color to fill the box. Ran a two color lead core all day with a red with black thin fish on it, but never had any action on that. 

Hoping to make it back out on Sunday if the waves cooperate. 




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