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Sorry for late report. On friend’s boat:

Crazy, 23 for like 30 down near Cook plant in 8-22fow; 11 hos n 12 browns; released all browns n dink ho.

South wind and got majority of fish on north troll aka downhill, trolled at 2.3-2.9 mph.

Ran 14 lines: 2 2C, 2 1C, and 4 high lines aka 4 Walleye boards each side. 2 mini dipseys, 2 rigs and 2 cones out so far you can barely see them.

Everything took fish. Best body bait was of course Brads version of the thin fin in red w/black squiggles; mini spoons: gold double or crush; gold yl/or/striped, nothing on nascar but changed to greasy ckn wing n got few on that; first two spoons had those very little oval spinners at hook end too.

That’s old man, me in top pic.

Looks like we’re about month earlier than usual. 

My boat get shrink wrap pulledIMG_9201.thumb.jpeg.b7c1c4c30622dd4f5c5387fa4147f964.jpegwe tomorrow.



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