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for sale Fishing Tackle

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I've got 120 spoons, 26 body baits and 17 J Plugs plus a pile of misc jigs, walley rigs hooks etc.. along with a nice but older Maxi Mate tackle box that holds 240 spoons.  I have no idea what it's worth, anyone have any ideas?  Saugatuck area if you're interested.




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You have a minimum of $1000 worth of spoons with 240!  That is based on pricing them between $4-$5 each, assuming the spoons are in good condition.  New spoons are running around $7-$13, depending on size and brand.  And J-plugs, which aren't easy to find new any longer, are worth at least $5 each or offer the lot of 17 for $70-75, depending on their condition and if they are complete with harnesses.  The best advice I can offer where you won't get any disagreements with estimates is do your own appraisal of value.  Go to E-bay and search each general item (i.e., spoons; lures; etc.).  You should find items similar to those you are offering for sale and can get a relative feel for their value.  Just trying to help you get the most for what you have to offer.  

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You’ll be lucky to get 25 cents a piece for old Northport Nailers.  Pity as they still work.

The other spoons I see are Producer’s spoons which you might be able to give away.


Swap meet last week barely used currently popular spoons we’re going for $2 each.

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It is always the question of if you want to get rid of it or if you want to try and squeeze every last nickel out of the box. Most guys are going to have a bunch of spoons/plugs already and would likely want to pick the box to look for favorites. You might be best served selling them in lots of 10-20 spoons or 5-10 plugs and pricing them to move. While new spoons are selling for $10 a piece, as FBD noted, your spoons may not be current, so will likely not fetch top dollar. Maybe $1-2 each and get rid of them. $10-20 for a lot of ten spoons or j-plugs can be pretty tempting (I like the small silver jointed one in the upper corner). Another approach would be to try and sell the entire lot to a newbie - say $200 for everything. If you go that route, take better pics of the spoons (vertical of each card in the box works) and the plugs. People want to know what they are buying. I would also get rid of the sinkers and other small stuff, as most guys on here likely have enough of that already.  Good luck with the sale. 

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Basic economics.

What is something worth?  Whatever someone is willing to pay.  Plenty of lots of crap Carrylite duck decoys asking $50 a dozen on Craigslist to attest to that.

Just sold some $179 new Abu Garcia reels for $60 a piece and it took two months to get that.

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