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Holland Evening 8/31 - 2 for 2

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Pushed off with Janet about 5:15pm and headed south to fish 60-70FOW near Saugatuck.  In search of big kings, we ran 3 riggers with meat (2 with paddles and SWR clean), 2 dipseys with spoons and 300' weighted steel with a Brad's Lucky Charm Cut Plug.  The weighted steel line took the first king (10lb, natural) in 75 FOW while making a hard South-to-North turn just south of Saugatuck.  The second king (also a 10lb natural that was released) came on a dipsey 1.5 set, 100' out (38' down on Smart Troll) with a standard alewife spoon in 62 FOW right at sun down.  Tighter in to the Saugatuck harbor mouth was busy so we stayed a bit out.  There were about 10 boats out deeper.  Channel 68 was silent.  Got a pic from a friend with Best Chance (I, II, Jr?) racking 30 fish from the morning.  Nothing of the size 2MD put in the box.  Last, passed over 4 bait balls 50' down to the bottom.

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nice job tonight and thanks for the report

we struggled amongst the pack of boats in tight off Saugatuck this evening 

not positive what changed... maybe a big group of kings already moved up river OR more likely they were just frightened by all the boat traffic which unfortunately is only going to get worse over the next 3-4 days... for whatever it is worth we seen more of them jumping all over tonight than we had seen all week

we ended up just 1 for 2 on salmon and caught a sheephead andncatfish

had buddies on three other boats doing the same and these guys are real good at it and I think one managed 4 and another 2 and the just 1 like me




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Ended up 6/7 in front of Saugatuck last night had four in the first half hour then it fell apart.  Sheep in the channel headed out 16# king then two 4-5# coho.  Though we had a pattern then it shut off.  Swapped lures found the rigger and diver wrapped up coho in the rigger alewife on the diver.  Had one pull back on a one color j plug in ten feet that could have been the bottom.

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was in Grand Haven with boat yesterday evening took the opportunity to troll the channel and out in front of the pier heads after the sun went down...

was a lot of fun certainly plenty of chaos and activity

lost one on a dipset plug in the channel by the back of the boat

scored on another just outside pierheads 30min after sunset on 5 color plug

the ride back into Holland late in the moon light was beautiful 






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right on

for whatever it is worth my son said the Holland charters smoked em (lots of big silver fish even) in that 40-60fow off Holland yesterday morning 

who knows what happens next? even PUG is unsure...

this late August cold water blurp was a gift though! 

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