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season opener (part2) - 7for19 - Saugatuck evening of 8/28/2023

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decided to head out again with a different group of kids tonight... having 7 kids is a real bonus when it comes to trolling :)returned to the sacred waters off Saugatuck but this time fished slightly deeper 

same type of program as morning though and while it started off a little slow we managed to go 7 for 19
highlight was after the sunset in the dark when we had 6 on all at the same time and following that two doubles... chaos but what a blast! we started glowing up baits and they just kept biting til about 60min after sunset
so tallying it up in the end Parker went 23 for 50 today :)





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Heard rumors kings were in close.  Got out last night and sniffed out front, nothing going.  Slid out until we hit cold water on the bottom and fired a double on both long lines.  Sheep and a 7# king.  Slid out a little deeper 225 copper digs in, 3# walleye.  Got a little darker and things just went full stupid.  Riggers and divers took over, at one point we had a fish on the floor, fish in the net, fish on the diver, and rigger fish through the seven color.  Got that all sorted out only to have the last rod down fire just as we reached to pull it.

Ended up 7/12 including the Lake Erie creatures.  Two mature kings, two immature kings, and a football of a Master Angler coho.

Boat is a disaster the rigger rod and 7 color are still all wrapped up in a ball.  Leaders all need to be checked and swapped out to 30#, plug harnesses retied, drags backed down.



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