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Thks; I’m going to check my knots again tomorrow before next trip.

Something I should do day before each trip anyway and quickly sharpen hooks when you are setting. 
Guess I got lazy bc I haven’t had any break offs in a long time.

Btw, cottonwood seeds were not a problem at all like they were last Friday; very few on our lines and ones that were there came off real easy for a change.

 And, NO black flies.

Someone I met pier fishing here last fall was going out same time we were and we were going to share notes on the water.

Called him mid morning and didn’t answer.  
Found out when I got home after I texted him they were 5 for 8; pretty sure about 5 miles or more north is where we saw them; depth maybe 120-160. Asked him this info but no response yet.

If you are going to be tight lipped like some are, fine, but don’t say you are going to share intell and you don’t. 


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