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Got down to the harbor at 4:00pm just as a North wind started to kick up.  Worked on some rigging and chatted with dock mates wondering if the wind was going to continue to pick up or lay down.  Then it occurred to me, it will not be so stinking hot with a North wind and no flies so I pushed off solo at 6:30pm.  Decided to fish North of the harbor, not as deep (100-140 FOW) with a 2-dipsey, SWR on rigger program.  Kept the SWR rig down 65-70 on the LC and ran the dipseys a bit deeper, 46-58' down via Smart Troll probes.  Finished the night 4 for 6 with an additional tip-up.  All 4 kings were 5lb or less - I released them all to catch them when they are bigger.  Right at sunset, SWR got hammered with a very acrobatic fish.  I could not budge it after the initial run.  I decided to clear the two dipseys as a precaution in between fighting the fish, which the only ground I could gain was by running up to the helm, dropping into neutral, reeling fast, and engaging the motor again.  Did that 8-10 times.  After 35 minutes, got the first of two colors onto the reel, fish visible at the top of the water, got net down, engaged the motor once again and up goes the tip - gone.  I went from heart pounding to no pulse!  Thinking about it after my great loss, the fish might have been foul hooked since it was so hard to budge - had that happen before.  Secondly, this is what happens when fishing solo.  Having another mate on board would have made things easier but I do like the challenge of fishing solo knowing there will be more losses.  Finally, marked only one bait ball in 137 FOW in the 30' range.  Good luck and tight lines.  Data below.


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