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Fished 6:00 to 12:00 and went 1 -2. Started in 80 fow out to 200 fow on a NW troll. 2.5 to 2.7 sog. Had the first fish hit in the 132 fow on the way out, on the way back in hit 1 fish 147 fow. 1st fish steelhead 7 lbs on a 7 color standard watermelon spoon 132 fow heading NW.  Heading back in on a SE troll in 147 fow lost second steelhead on a 3 color captain Gary’s double uv. Funny thing, we lost the second steelhead after a good fight about 80 ft behind the boat. The fish stayed on top of the water barely swimming. Watching the fish, we turned the boat around as fast as the long lines would allow and got the bow right up to it, my friends son went to net it and it suddenly came back to life and took off. It was awesome to watch, even though it got away, we have a great memory and an overall fun day. 

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