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Detroit River 4-14-23 solo

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Did a slow drift in the TC and pulled my 6 fish limit (which is allowed until April 30). Used Lunker city minnows ( blue ice, Arkansas shiner, firetiger and anything with gold flake in it) none being tipped with anything. I was done within a hour and a half. Boats were a little thick but friendly.
The launch only ($5) was about a 15 boats long moved quickly. The wind wasn't blowing the 25+ mph as the previous days. Fired up my LS dropped the lure in front of the walleye watched him bite and pulled him up. Repeated the process. 6th fish buried under others.All males.
(1) 22, (1) 21, (1) 19, (1) 17, (1) 16 , (1) 15
Great day.
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I had planned the trip for awhile. Stayed at my friend's house. He has an extra garage where I could secure my boat (Garden City). Then I was able to visit my son who lived nearby the launch site. My friend couldn't fish because he has limited mobility.

The docks were different then what we have over here and the water was very low. It was a little more challenging when I was solo launching.

When I finally got to the spot. As soon as I put my rod in the water with LS. I pulled out a fish at every stop. The boats around me couldn't believe it. I tried to explain how it worked to them as best I could while drifting thru the pack catching more fish. They were very friendly.

I lost about 4 jigs and 3 other fish who were able to release themselves from the hook.

It was amazing and great!

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I love it when a plan comes together! Amazing day indeed. Sounds like you have some new technology on the Little Boat. What is this great LS gadget you speak of?
It's called Livescope. You can see the fish in sonar in real time. It's like video but it's done with sound. Sort of like an ultrasound device. It has a range of 200+ft. But it's best range for jigging is 0-45ft. It can rotate to different views (i.e downscan, forward and perspective.) You can see your jig as the fish swim around it. There is a little bit of a system to it. It doesn't catch the fish for you it just shows you in live motion where they are and are not with your jig motion. You still do the rest. It doesn't work well for big lake fishing/ trolling. But for casting and jigging it's the best. Look it up on YouTube lots of examples. Not cheap though. Different mfg make them. When we get together sometime I'll show you my setup and how effective I've made it.

I haven't got my bigger boat out yet. Waiting for better weather.

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