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Manistee 7/29-30 BEST CATCH EVER

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So you see the title and you think..... I better read this.  Well, it wasn't the fish we caught that made it great.  

Friday night had a doubleheader going, the same side of the boat on the rigger and the dipsey.  Both fish tangled with each other and lost both fish.  Not only that but the wire on the dipsey rod snapped and lost my dispy, spin doctor, and fly.  No worries, 2 hours later, after we changed out our gear for the night fish the opposite side dipsy tripped and there was our dipsy, spin doctor, and fly from 2 hours earlier.  We were fishing in 125 FOW, 80 down and our gear stayed suspended.  I have caught fish with a lure in its mouth before but never caught the gear I lost!!!  Couldn't do that again if I tried!!!


On to the fishing, trolled from 5:30-10:00 pm Friday night and went 5-7.  Two fish on a Kevin's GF SD with a green-blue fly (the one we lost) dipsy back 180 back on a 1 setting, one fish on an SS silver screwball on a slider, mainline down 90, one on an MS ratchet jaw down 90 and one on a dipsey back 160, 1 setting with a glow green dot SD and glow fly.  

Saturday morning fished from 6:00-10:30 am and went 3-3, two fish came on an MS Sliver down 90 and the last fish came on Kevin's GF SD and green-blue fly back 160 on a dipsy, 1 setting.  

Fished Saturday night and brought home the black and white kitty.  

Had a few too many beers Saturday night and didn't get out of bed to fish on Sunday.  Good weekend, heading back in a few weeks.

fish day.jpg

fish night.jpg

grady fish.jpg

Tangled mess.jpg

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