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Left the harbor at 5:30AM, fished 6:00 to 11:00AM.  Set up on a North troll.  Lots of boat traffic as it was a beautiful morning.  Had 3 hits releasing 2 small kings before the 15knot gusts from the SE turned the flat lake into 2 foot chop.  That was not in the forecast.  During the blow, SWR took off on a long slow run.  It was rolling on the back of the boat, the downriggers were singing (two parked, SWR and the Depth Raider down), could not gain any ground on the fish.  No choice but to holster the rod, rip the two dipseys and proceed with neutral drops to gain ground while keeping out of boat traffic (when fishing alone, this is absolutely exhilarating to land a fish).   Finally got the king to the back of the boat and it was not ready to come aboard, meanwhile the rigger lines are singing louder, boat rocking, eerie storm like, all adrenaline to land this fish.  Missed it on the first swipe (or two) but got it in the hoop, broke the fitting lifting it over the transom (15.7lb king weighed in the slip).  SWR popped twice almost immediately after setting it down again and a shaker hit while tagging the line into the downrigger ball – could not keep the line from being bit during the blow.  Once the blow subsided, so did he action.  Two hours of next to nothing other than a good boat breakfast I made before casting off.  Trolling South I found next to no action until I got out in front of Holland harbor.  While pulling lines, a bonus 8lb king hit and 5lb Coho bit SWR.  Everything fisherman look for when pulling up for the day😊.  Charts and pics below.

# Time Fish FOW Latitude Troll Rod Bait Depth Bait
1 6:20 AM King 5lb 144 42o 48' 0" N Dipsey 1-set 41 Green Dolphin UV / MI Stinger
2 6:40 AM miss 144 42o 48' 72" SE Downrigger 40 Green Dolphin Foil
3 6:55 AM King 3lb 143 42o 48' 09" SE Dipsey 1-set 39 Green Dolphin UV / MI Stinger
4 7:10 AM King 15.7lb 155 42o 48' 20" N SWR 63 Tuxedo Blue / MI Stinger
5 7:45 AM King 3lb 153 42o 48' 80" N Dipsey 1-set 49 Green Dolphin UV / MI Stinger
6 8:05 AM miss 154 42o 49 71" N SWR setting Tuxedo Blue / MI Stinger
7 8:18 AM shaker 157 42o 50' 69" N SWR 63 Tuxedo Blue / MI Stinger
8 8:19 AM King 8.5lb 157 42o 50' 69" N Dipsey 1-set 46 Green Dolphin UV / MI Stinger
9 9:30 AM shaker 159 42o 49' 72" N Dipsey 1-set 43 Green Dolphin UV / MI Stinger
10 11:03 AM King 7lb 148 42o 49' 03" SE Dipsey 1-set 46 Green Dolphin UV / MI Stinger
11 11:28 AM Coho 5lb 131 42o 48' 06" SE SWR 42 Tuxedo Blue / MI Stinger


This one is going in the smoker


The champs of the day




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Thanks for the report. We fished Port Sheldon 6/4 from 6am to 11am am and experienced the same conditions including both the surprise 2 footers and the thick boat traffic. We started north in 155 and got our only keeper coho on the starboard rigger on the slider down 60 with a standard wonderbread. We caught 2 shakers on the 5 color and lost 1 nice king on it. It had a standard bloody nose on it.
We went back out from 11:30-2:30. The lake had calmed down to nothing. And we out as far as 220 without another bite.

Reel Therapy

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Nice report, well done.

I normally don't fish the weekends or holiday due to traffic. But seeing the future weather report, knowing bad weather/wind was coming back, I figured I better get out. I couldn't believe the nearly empty parking lot. l launched later then you ( wished it had been earlier now). 1st lines were in the water but not until 8am. I went 5 for 5 with a 8lb king being the biggest. Lots of shakers/ dinks. Lots of boat traffic and I felt the big gusts also, quite the surprise. Fished the same area, but not as successful as you.


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