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Holland - How far off shore is 170 fow?

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My guess is about 6 miles. I hope someone with accurate info responds.
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Per nautical chart is about 4.5 miles, apprx 5 nautical miles. Tomorrow Thurs AM should be excellent weather.
Only If you have all legal safety equipment in working order, try working out to 240. Watch weather on phone radar often.
Top 40 to 80 feet. Watch angle of cable and or Fish Hawk for strong deep changing current. Pay attention please. Change speed and direction. Try to get planers evened up on both sides. Not easy at all.......
Blue/ Green spoons. Or DW A-Bomb in Reg or Mag size, or Stinger Stingray orange with green stripe. Kevin's Girlfriend and pickled sunshine.
Planers with weight steel or copper, or downriggers. For way less tangles - Deepest on downriggers. Shallower on inside planer. Shallowest and farthest back on furthest out planers. Don't believe me - just watch ha.
Great weather for testing your free slider skills, too. Please - Make your slider from line thats no stronger than mainline.

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