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First time out in 2022.  Set-up about 2:30pm just north of Saugatuck in 60 FOW trolling SW.  Spent the first 90 min partially fishing and mainly educating myself on how to best run the new Smart Troll system on riggers and dipseys and comparing speed and temp at the ball to the old Depth Raider.  At 100 FOW flipped the boat around on the reverse course.  In 75FOW, SW down 51' on the counter took off just after I set it down with a UV blue dolphin like spoon.  Landed a 13lb king.  As I was setting the rod back down, the Deeper Diver on the opposite side of the boat went off in 55-60FOW.  The DD was on a 3 set, down 28' per the Smart Troll and tipped with a small sized silver & red UV spoon.  Big runner.  Was happy that I had a 10.5' rod and Janet to net the king which came in at 20lbs.  No other action for the day and unfortunately, no Coho were interested in the high lines.  And much to my delight, nothing added to my Fix It list :).


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