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1st solo trip out this year. 1 for 3. 5# 25" laker on a jordo spoon in 30fow on DR at 2.3 to 2.5mph. Lost coho/laker on dble orange crush spoon 4C knot came undone as pulling fish near boat in 20fow Last hit was in 30fow off DR with same jordo spoon was a lot bigger? Got fish within 30ft of boat when the 25# line broke. I should have let him run more to tire him out. Bad handling on my part. He wasn't near the surface so I couldn't identify him. This little guy was in the laker I caught.
1-2 ft waves with occasional light sprinkle, wind was w-sw 10-12mph, but picked up to small chop late morning. Water temp was 46.6°, air was 51°
Fished shallow 14-20fow with no bites going south several miles using thinfins, rapalas and maglips. I went on deeper on my way back. I was in my 16-1/2' boat.
Marked very few fish. Storm must have scattered them.IMG_20220425_121553.thumb.jpg.a14f8928e0dce1480ca3de657f0c21ca.jpgIMG_20220425_121957.thumb.jpg.56a4cf6e767353543491718eb2e556b6.jpg
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