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Trolling Double Dipsey'

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The past few years, dipseys, lead core and copper have outproduced downriggers on my boat.  I was wondering if anyone runs two dipseys at the same time out of each side of the boat.  I watched a few YouTube videos and read some articles so I know I can do it.  The question I have is how often do they get tangled?  If I run my inside, low diver on a 1 setting and my outside dipsey, high diver on a 2-3 setting they shouldn't tangle.  

Wondering if anyone does it or if its even worth the investment in two new wire diver rod/reels.  It's not a cheap investment so I wanted to get some insight on what others think first.  If I had three people on the boat, I would run two downriggers with sliders, 4 dipsey divers and 2 lead core or copper rods.  


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I've run 3 or 4 diver frequently late in the summer.  It's effective!  I use a mag dipsy with ring on 1 inside (low), and a standard size with mag ring on 3 outside (high).  Have to sometimes get some help while setting divers.  Setting the high first and low second helps.  They will tangle occasionally.

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@R3Fishing You don't need to invest in 2 more wire divers. Most people, myself included, use braided line on what's commonly referred to as your high divers. You just need a 10 foot rod if you are running a 9 foot for your wire divers. Run both rod holders parallel to the water or as low as you can, because the biggest issue I've encountered with them is getting your planer boards into them when bringing those in because the angle of the line with the dipsy on a 3 setting is pretty flat and extends quite a ways behind your boat above the water line. The other issue is that they can, and do, get tangled with your longer coppers. Typically they don't bother the shorter coppers if you are using mag divers on them because they sink deeper with the extra weight and size. I generally don't run them unless I have an experienced crew on board with me or I'm fishing solo and running an aggressive 3 rod spread (rigger, low and high).  They can also come in handy for combat fishing when running planers is not practical due to all the boat traffic. You just have to be very carful about how sharp you turn and the rip currents around the piers can cause problems.  Hope that helps.

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This summer was my first try running two divers per side. I have been running mag divers with wire on 8.5' rods for my low (or inside diver) on 1.5 setting. I have been back and forth experimenting with either mag Dipsy or Slide diver with the mag conversion kit on those.

The outside (high) diver is run with 65# braid off a 10' rod on 3 or 3.5 setting. I have been running regular Dipsy or Slide Diver on the highs and have not experienced any tangles. And I am routinely popping the divers to change tackle, check for riders, weeds, etc in no particular order. I like that I can bring in or set the high one out without tangling the inside.

The one wire tangle I had since I started, was with a rigger and due to the bottom coming up quickly, me trying to turn back out, and I think the diver hit bottom and rolled into the long lead I had on rigger. So, don't do that. Lol.

Time to complicate things...
So, I am not happy with running regular divers on the outside, and plan on trying two mags per side. I asked a charter guy I know if that is possible, and he said he does it all the time. I rigged the rods up yesterday. Both inside wire rods will now have Slide Divers with the mag conversion kits. The outside braid will get a mag dipsy. I intend to fish the outside higher up in the water than the inside, so it should still clear when a fish hits or if I just want to trip it and change lures. I will be trying the setup sometime this week. Fingers crossed. Lol! Good luck with your diver fishing. Check back in and let us know how it went.

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