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Fished 5 - 8 pm out of Saugatuck, from 75 to 150 fow.  marked a few fish at 100 and 150, but no takers.  With little talk about salmon, most of my spread targeted steelhead.  Hope to try again next weekend.

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Got beaten up in 1-3' chop Saturday AM, fished out front (junk) up the beach (more junk) ran out to 70' (rough) trolled out to 130' (rougher) back to 70' (not bad) back to 130' (taking them over the bow) and then trolled back into 80' and pulled them.  One 4# laker off the bottom in 117'.


Ran stuff from flat lines as it was low 60's on the top, all the way down to 130'.


Took one last shot out front as we came in and tripled on sheep, all master anglers from 11-13#.


Had a 14 year old newbie out for the first time on Lake Michigan and he thought it was fascinating.  

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